Russia and abroad – especially national nuances. Choosing a Hotel

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When you travel with your pet, treat it as a full partner. First of all, prepare for a document. Your cat will need a veterinary certificate, he may already have your favorite. Veterinary certificate – a document in which the recorded data of a pet. There also put a mark on all vaccinated.

On the basis of the passport you will need to get veterinary ertifikat international sample (when traveling abroad). It is valid only for three days from the date of issue, so do it before leaving.

When planning a trip abroad, find out the features of the import of animals in the country in which you plan to spend your time. For example, going to the UK or Ireland, please note that your pet must be quarantined for six months. In Hong Kong, the quarantine period is four months and thirty days in Canada. France, Egypt and Slovenia you will not be able to bring your pet, if it is less than three months. Learn more about Hotel in Kharkiv.

Conditions of carriage by air of cats may be different and depend on the airline. If you are flying on an international flight, the rules here are more loyal than the Russian carriers. For example, when transporting a cat with a container weighing up to eight kilograms, you can take it with you into the cabin. There are those countries during the flight in which animals are not allowed to be carried in the cabin, but only in the luggage compartment (Hong Kong, Malta, Australia).

To the Customs had no problem with how valuable your cat, it is best to visit before leaving Felinological club, where the leading felinologist can get information about what the animal is of no value. If your pet is really a purebred, this is where you can get information about what it is sent to an international exhibition, in which case no one will claim.

As for the stay in the foreign country, there are also its nuances. Traveling to Europe, keep in mind that the rules for import of animals there are quite strict. First, you need certain vaccinations ptomtsu, and secondly, you will be able to settle only in special hotels where razrescheno stay with the animals. But in Egypt, you let the cat in almost every prestigious hotel.
If you choose to travel some exotic country, check local laws at the embassy or travel agent.