Bad Ischl

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Bad Ischl – cultural and geographical center of the Salzkammergut region, 50 kilometers east of Salzburg, on the banks of two rivers Traun and Ischl. Population – 14,000 people. Spa mineral springs with healing (from 1823) and mud for the successful treatment of respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system (rheumatism), internal organs, women’s, children’s and cardiovascular diseases. The town has a resort polyclinic, numerous hotels, guest houses, rooms in private sector rehabilitation center. Around Bad Ishlya beautiful landscapes stretching from the mountain lakes. From 1848 to 1914 Ischl was the summer residence of Emperor Franz Josef 1.

Sightseeing: summer residence of Emperor Franz Josef, composer Villa Lehar, tea house of the Empress Elizabeth, the city museum, cable car to an altitude of 1400 meters and confectionery “Tsauner”, etc.

Cultural program: an operetta festival in July and August, holidays, folk, classical, jazz music, jousting tournaments, concerts, etc.
Those who like sports 25 tennis courts and halls, playground for golf 6118 yards, equestrian and ski sports, fishing, hiking mountain trails, cycling (track of the many flat landscape), etc.

Before the guests Bad Ishlya stretch repeatedly celebrated the magnificent scenery that you can each time to discover. You always have the choice between an elegant and romantic promenade paths, between the tourist trail and steep footpath. Contemplative walks introduce you to the town in which almost every other building – a reminder of the landmark or some famous guests. Of course, there Ischl and a low hill, which offers a beautiful view – is Siriuskogel. From the observation deck of Franz Josef, eyes wander over the rooftops along the rivers Ischl and Traun, and then over the forests and meadows to the lime light tops. All this and beckons to wander: sleeping through the dark forest and the hot sun on the meadows of alpine pastures, where long the tender freshness of the summer, or directly to the top. Learn more about resorts!

In the alpine pasture Katherine, located at an altitude of 1400 m, with its views of the Dachstein heights enhance voskhitelnym, can be reached by cable car. And if you suddenly had enough of the sun, to change the impression you can admire the mountains from the inside, going down to the salt mines Ishlya.
In Bad Ischl – the world order, and he always will. Traun and Ischl sparkle in the sun like green glass, and the foaming water playful Rettenbaha runs, clear and fresh, through the romantic forest ravine. A small sleepy Nussenzee lake and other lakes of Salzkammergut (all within easy walking distance of the Ishlya) and the lure to swim, ride a boat or a dream on the shore. But in the Bad Ischl has many opportunities for swimming. Is not it amazing that a restaurant is located on the idyllic Kaiser’s “island” near the villa Kaiser.
So, Bad Ischl – a world sovershennno special charm: Kaiser town, closely associated with nature, and even homesteading is within his community. Open spaces around the invite to the thousand and one journey of discovery, but at the same time Ischl tempts to stay: you spend your vacation in accordance with their desires and moods.
Resort town of Ischl Ball has always been a city of culture, and more. In the end, healthy body, mind and enlightenment, and restore peace of mind in one piece, if a person really wants to rediscover themselves. Kai-zer, and court society contributed its part, the fact that the culture in Bad Ischl was maintained at a level that meets the highest requirements. Despite the fact that the monarchy has died, the artists in Bad Ischl became more cheerful and active, and therefore the regency of the king of operetta continues to this day, an irrefutable proof of this are brilliant festivals of operettas.
At every step Ischl – while memories are alive and really worthy life, and this town, where purchases – always great fun.
Rummage in the gloomy antique stores, to find something of a national clothing and something to remember, that has nothing to do with the usual souvenir trinkets, is not a pleasure!
But in Ischl, and gastronomic delights are part of the culture: Is it a fashionable restaurant or a simple restaurant, snack bar or pastry shop “Tsauner.”