Basic requirements for the essay!

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Limiting the amount (limit): the business school can set a limit of an essay of words, signs or pages.

Do not exceed it: on the one hand, an extra text can be automatically cut off from the essays (and then the essay will look incomplete, producing a rather negative impression), and the other – may have questions about your ability to follow the general rules.

In this respect, the recommended limit (Recommended limit) gives you more flexibility: it can be exceeded by approximately 10% of actual need.

Font: some schools have requirements to the font. If not, it is best to use common fonts (Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana), size is not less than 10.

Line spacing: note if the school makes to it requirements. Some schools set requirements for the font and spacing, while the others – no.

Theme: What is an essay? This – the literary genre of prose content, allowing free composition. This definition certainly gives you some flexibility in the presentation of ideas, but do not get involved in it: jargon, acronyms, slang in essays should be avoided. Also, do not need to get involved in professional terminology. Read the interesting article by our colleagues on this issue – Clear Admit (Clear Admit Admissions Tip: Know Your Audience). Imagine that you are – a member of the selection committee: how you react to a long complex sentence, which in the end lost the idea that started it? What if you are HR-specialist, and you ironically came across an essay financier, the financier enthusiastic profession? In short, keep in mind that your creation can read a layman in your area – think about how you can capture the interest of the reader, while not forgetting about his professionalism. Learn more about dissertation service!

The situation at the heart of (the fact of your background): remember that the basis for most of the essays is the specific situation in your life, and talk about it should not end the story. Do not be distracted from his ideas on abstract arguments about the issue. If you still want to express their shared vision for a given subject, you can speak in short, do not forget that from you, first of all, expect a particular situation, the analysis and lessons learned.