Sociological studies!

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In our country, have been widely developed case studies.

Perhaps there is no branch of social science, which would not have turned to this type of research. No need to talk about the importance of sociological research, we note only that they can get, so to speak, the “human material”, the response of people to events and phenomena of life.

In social science case studies – the main tool of research. For example, in a historical science data sociologists primarily a researcher form the understanding of life’s problems and phenomena of social life.

When referring to sociological research is essential to consider their representation, as far as they give an objective view of the studied problem. Currently, considerable importance is the fact, who, what organization is conducting a study, as opinion polls conducted numerous organizations – government, public, private, institutional. Learn more about help with essays!


One source is interviewing. These surveys, scientists have resorted to collect people’s opinions on the most complex, not fully resolved the issues. In the abstract of his doctoral dissertation (Moscow, 1999), “Historical origins of the modern Russian federalism and the process of its formation in conditions of transformation of the socio-economic and political system of Russia (90 years of the twentieth century),” the author points out, “dissertation is widely considered necessary to conduct interviews with members of the Federation Council, deputies of the State Duma on the investigated issues. ” This is how you can realize ruled out the imposition of personal opinions of the author, who is a member of the Federation Council of Russia.

Interview as a source requires careful attention to assessing the reliability and objectivity.

Discussion of parts of the thesis for the department / division in

Department / Division where the thesis is done keeps track of the dissertation, shall make periodic reports to the applicant to discuss the progress, or a specially created commission or an individual scientist browsing accumulated material (usually by chapter), and report on its condition.

In these early discussions is extremely interested in the author himself, as the received comments and advice while working on his thesis.

For each discussion for comments and suggestions. To this should be treated quite well and quietly, in the interest of the applicant to draw conclusions from these discussions and comments. It should be borne in mind that comments may not always be legitimate (for various reasons), but should not try to justify their point of view at any cost, it only slows down the work affects the final result.

It is important to all comments on the thesis, wherever and by whomsoever spoken, neatly fixed, carefully analyzed. If a comment, even just 5% of the truth, you still need it to keep in mind, it is better, as they say, to be safe than to keep the error, inaccuracy in the thesis. This consideration is important observations and to prepare for the most responsible for the time of the thesis – the answers to the questions posed by members of the Dissertation Council and the audience.

However, it is clear that all the comments in full can not be taken into account, not least because they often contradict each other. If, for each observation from side to side, violated the logic and integrity of the work. All forces should be sent to those comments that will improve the thesis.

Dissertation is respected, if it upholds and maintains its own research position.