What is SEO?

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This response can often be found on many sites and forums. Further description of the mysterious word SEO is usually the same “friendly.” I will try to shed light on all this gobbledygook, that this term was understood by anyone interested.

Search engine optimization – is working to raise the rankings in search engines for some users’ requests. According to statistics, the transitions to the site are carried out mainly from search engines. You do not need proof, just imagine you need any information, wherever you go?

When the search engine sites will give you at your request, you will begin to look for the appropriate resource from the top down, starting with the first page. This is logical, as is often the first five references and have what you need. You do not climb on the one hundredth page, which means that all the resources that occupy lower positions in the search, will be left without your attention. Learn more about SEO Company just now!

To improve your ranking in search engines carry out work on optimizing the search engine. The work is internal and external. External work – it is advertising the site on other sites. Carried out differently. It is possible, so to speak, “head”, ie just buy a place on some sites and let them advertise.

You can do a little trickier: an agreement with another owner of the site and exchange links – it puts your on your page, you put it on your link, and do not necessarily make it as advertising. Advertising familiar, some users it’s annoying, therefore, to banners and contextual advertising attention usually turns a little. Sometimes a person needs 100 times to see the same banner that he ever clicked on it. But the recommendations on sites like: “Here is another interesting resource on the subject” effect on people much more positive and the desire to cause them to press.

Search engines can not determine if they need people to your site or created solely for the purpose of earnings and does not contain anything. However, if your site is often referred to external resources, it is logical to assume that it is useful and necessary. In this regard, a major factor in ranking pages by the search engine is the analysis of external links on every page the assessed. It was therefore coined the term citation index, or IC – an absolute estimate of popularity of the resource, based on the number and importance of inbound links to your site.

What is important? You can create dozens of site templates to Narod.ru and write down the link to the desired site. But this does not affect the IC and will not bring the expected result. But if your link is, say, will be on the first page of Google, then your rating will rise significantly – this link is really important.

Interior work. Since the search sites are issued at the request of links, sorted by relevance (the extent to which the request and found, as often and in what form found on page query entered by the user), then the contents of your keywords on your site directly affects the search position. Optimizers edit content (content) of the site, by adding keywords, HTML-code (including the tags text selection), and the whole site structure (headings, links, etc.), are implementing page caching (to reduce the load on the server .)

In a network different attitude to the SEO and SEO-shnik: someone endorses their activities, while others do not. On the one hand, and helps to optimize the user and the site owner. Suppose I am looking for shop that sells silver rings in small sizes. Search through a search engine page for the village, a 19 page, I have lost patience, I close the browser, and not finding my desired store. And yet his page was located exactly on the 20-page search to view which I have not had the strength. Summary: I have no silver ring, a shop without a buyer. Who from this better? Would happen is, whether the site is well optimized and it is located on the first page?

However, apart from the so-called site “for people”, there are sites that are created just for search engines and do not contain any useful information to users. This site is easier to do, make it possible, so these pages very much, they interfere with finding information and do not need anyone except the creator, who make a profit.

There are a doorway – sites that redirect to another resource person. You must have seen these sites: looking for any information, click on the page seems to be appropriate, but instead – bang! – And the boot is completely different. Doorways usually do not last long and banyatsya search engines with the same speed, and with what appear.

SEO professionals need to understand the algorithms of various search engines to know a lot of nuances and tricks. SEO – is a science, and if you want to learn it, you have a long and hard study and work, but with due persistence result will justify itself!