What is decoupage how to do decoupage on plates, decoupage technique…

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What is decoupage how to do decoupage on plates, decoupage technique…

Sometimes you want to do something useful, beautiful, and most importantly their own hands. The simplest, but no less original – decoupage technique. But before proceeding to the creativity necessary to understand what it is and where did.

What is Decoupage? Decoupage comes from the French verb decouper (cut) – this type of application. For decoupage used napkins: special or dining with a beautiful picture. They are sold in any shop for art or we can take any you liked the napkin.

The aim – to achieve the effect of the painted pictures on the decorated object. The surface may be not only hard (porcelain, glass, wood, ceramic, plastic), fits and even fabric. That’s the beauty of decoupage – a stretch of imagination is not limited.

Who would not like to show off their talents in front of close friends and acquaintances? Or, for example, present a dish made with his own hands? How to make decoupage plates on? Techniques of decoupage on virtually all surfaces of the same.

For decoupage You will need:

  • Any favorite doily
  • Decoupage glue for
  • Brush medium hard synthetic
  • Scissors
  • Lacquer
  • The decorated object (in this case the plate)

Proceed? :)

Divide the napkin into layers of decoupage for all you need is highest, the paint layer. Cut out the picture, put on a plate, cover with glue carefully so that the picture is completely soaked. Should be carefully smoothed picture – you need to make under it nor lead to bubbles. When the drawing is dry apply varnish.

Decoupage technique – it’s interesting, fashionable and very beautiful. Do you need professional help to understand all the basics and become a master? Just two days of training courses and decoupage you can handle any technology!

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