What is the reason for the success of famous Rolex?

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What is the reason for the success of famous Rolex?

Watches, sold under the brand name Rolex, for a century are the attribute of success, luxury and wealth. Such a reputation could earn a few things. It is noteworthy that Rolex gained popularity immediately after the registration of marks. And ever since they adorn the wrist of every aspirant to success and took place in this life.

The history of this famous watch company started in 1905. The paradox is that in those days, watch despised. A true gentleman wearing only gold pocket watch, a watch-bracelets were considered frivolous purchase, and by most accounts, were fit only for women. Rolex Daytona! In addition, the small size of the clock meant that their mechanism can not be a reliable and accurate. It is in these “dark” times of Hans Vilsdorf opened in London, the company selling Swiss watches.

Vilsdorf was born on 22 March 1881. His parents died when Hans was 12 years old. Nevertheless, the boy was in the formation of one of the best boarding schools in Switzerland. After school, he took a job as an intern in a large company, engaged in the import of pearls. After working there for a while, 19-year-old Vilsdorf received from his old school friend offer to join a company that exports of Swiss watches in the world. That’s when Hans seriously interested in watch movements and time thing in particular. Three years later Vilsdorf have the necessary experience and knowledge to open his own little company for hours. He moved to London, where the financial support of one of his relatives – Alfred Davis – founded Wilsdorf and Davis. Learn more about massage!

The company was engaged in the first months of that watch movements imported Hermann Aeglers Swiss, which are then embedded in high-quality housing Dennison. The partners initially not involved in the assembly of watches because of lack of demand. But two years later, Vilsdorf, confident in the success of the company, decided to come to grips with the production of watches.

To begin with Mr. Vilsdorf decided to change the name of the company Wilsdorf and Davis: the name was to be short, to read on the watch dial, and at the same time, a sonorous and easily pronounceable in any language, plus – the new name of the company was to combine the company itself and produced its product.

Known to everyone the name Rolex was registered July 2, 1908. Representatives of the companies still do not wish to reveal the mystery of the appearance, is almost common noun, a brand name. But there is a very interesting version according to which the Rolex – a reduction of Horologerie exquise, which means “perfect horology”.

Vilsdorf spent huge sums in those days, so that more people know about his watch. The most important goal of the company has been manufacturing high quality watches. Vilsdorf not lost by betting on a wristwatch. At the beginning of the XX century in different parts of the world actively conducted military operations in connection with the great popularity began to use the universal things, including the company’s products and Rolex. Wristwatch changed from a sophisticated and “ladies’ accessory to attribute war. By the time the war ended, a watch adorned at the hands of most men. But that was only half way to complete the conquest of men’s hearts.

To watch accuracy was perfect, Rolex has been simply obliged to make the case that would protect the fragile mechanism from dust, moisture and temperature changes. On the development of such housing Vilsdorf and his assistants struggled for several years, the result was only achieved in 1926. The first model equipped with high-strength steel and impenetrable body clock legendary Oyster (Oyster) – it was a landmark moment in the history of Rolex. Part of the case of this watch fit snugly together, recalling the clamshell doors. Of course, the new invention was perceived by many with some skeptics, but today such a structure is a prerequisite for the production of sport watch models.

Six years later, the company’s specialists have developed an automated system podzavodki hours. A mechanism will produce hours of podzavodku slight hand movements, which are put on watch. As a result of head podzavodki used only to set the time. The new model, which was built in mechanism, has been named Rolex Oyster Perpetual. It was the first product of a perfect Rolex – small size, reliable protection mechanism against harmful factors, automatic podzavodka – if not this, what then can win the hearts of men?

But the unique and high quality product required a different approach. He just needed a promotion to market an unusual, unique way. And soon stood out a great opportunity to put the strategy into practice. Mercedes Glyaytse was the first woman swam the English Channel. Her act was adopted by the public is ambiguous – many believed that it did not fair. To dispel all doubts, the woman decided to repeat the feat.

Naturally, Vilsdorf could not pass up this opportunity. It was a chance not only to express the uniqueness of watches, but also to confirm in fact, their accuracy and quality. The company presented a Rolex Miss Glyaytse model Rolex Oyster, but there was one small condition – Mercedes should not take hours when it is to swim the English Channel. Mercedes Glyaytse agreed. Everything that has happened later – is history and the result is a unique strategic policy of the company Rolex. Rolex Oyster gained immense popularity. A Rolex has decided to expand the number of philosophy and began to provide support for extreme sports. Which greatly contributed to the public interest in adventure and extreme research, which peaked in the middle of the XX century. The names of pioneers and explorers of peaks and depths thundered around the world, and in their hands adorned with brand new Rolex. Vilsdorf every effort to Rolex for well established reputation for hours, ideal for all kinds of extreme sports.

But Rolex oriented and those who are not given to dive into the deep ocean and mountains to conquer. People were buying Rolex, to feel their involvement in the “circle of the elect”, the dangers and adventures, and of course, to be sure that the quality of their Rolex never let you down.

1953 was again a triumph for the Rolex. In that year there were just two idols of the twentieth century – a secret agent 007 James Bond created by Fleming, and clock model Rolex Submariner, in which Jace Bond passed through a variety of hazards. As the image Dzheimsa Bond has changed significantly since the first film adaptation, and the Rolex Submariner model changed and modernized. Today, this watch is – a very attractive symbol of success and luxury.

The death of company founder Hans Vilsdorfa not put an end to innovative ideas for Rolex. The company continued to market the technical and design innovation, embodied in hours. Reliability and prestige of the brand continued to be supported and reinforced – they are still diving, conquered the summit, opened the uncharted lands and set records.