Steel aging John Deere!

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Steel aging John Deere!

American industrial giant John Deere seems obsessed with conquering the domestic market. Among the latest innovations in Russia actively promoted its backhoe loaders Models 325J and 710J.

Backhoe Loader John Deere J-series of the last generation can successfully cope with loading trucks, pipelines, deep digging, the implementation of public utilities, landscaping, etc.

Both models, and 325J and 710J, are powerful, productive and easier to manage machines. They are equipped with engines with PowerTech family of “wet” cylinder liners, turbo, fuel injection system of high pressure Common Rail, electronic control system and cold start. Only on the 325J is a 4-cylinder 4.5-liter John Deere 4045T 94 hp capacity, and the 710J – 128-strong “six” working volume of 6.8 liters.

Semi-automatic gearbox with four PowerShift front and three reverse speeds ensures a smooth transition from one mode to another without breaking the flow of power and squeeze grip, while ensuring quick acceleration, high speed and stable performance when climbing slopes. Planetary wheel drives, running in a sealed oil bath, increase torque. Its high thrust backhoe loaders are required to include John Deere while driving front wheel drive with limited slip differential.

The hydraulic system with the possibility of combining the functions adequately responds to the actions of the operator, providing easy control of loading and excavation part regardless of the load and the nature of the work. In addition, the hydraulics develops significant breakout and digging, as well as large capacity. As a result – an effort of digging up the model 325J 6.78 m – this is one of the highest in the class. A similar option in 710J is 7.56 m – better than the competition. Learn more about cheap properties in spain.
Backhoe Loader John Deere different original construction boom arm that allows to increase the depth of digging and take off. The model 710J largest among competitors digging depth – 6,81 m. In the case of a bucket “backhoe” it corresponds to parameters of a wheeled excavator, and the characteristics of the loading bucket – wheel loader. Thus, 710J replaces two specialized machines.

The outer part of the extended handles allow for its telescoping cargo hold between the bucket and teeth grip. Excavator boom 710J model features a large moment of rotation and high-capacity, and joystick controls for excavator part can perform as accurately as possible.

To the envy of competitors

Traditionally, the strength of John Deere equipment is its reliability. All elements loaders 325J and 710J, ranging from the base frame and ending with buckets, booms and retractable handles, designed for heavy-duty applications. One-piece welded frame resists twisting moments confidently and absorbs shock for maximum strength. The fixing pins and replaceable bushings provide long life and rigid fixation bucket loader.

Models 325J and 710J equipped with a semiconductor electrical system, which reduces the number of relays and actuators. Excavator and loader boom, retractable handle and welded outriggers for increased strength low-alloy steel produced. The engine hood is made of resistant to shock and damage to the fiberglass. Steel elements of the grille and the engine shall provide additional protection. In addition, the J-series cars radiator and hydraulic oil gear oil does not block the air flow fan, cooling the oil radiator.

Russian accent

Backhoe Loader John Deere perfectly suited for use in the Russian context. Remote heat exchangers and hydraulic transmission oils provide fast warm in cold weather, thereby reducing the possibility of contamination and simplifying cleaning. Chassis control system improves on the model 710J ride when driving on rough terrain without allowing the load from the bucket to get enough sleep. In addition to the version with rotary speaker and nesmeschaemoy folding outriggers, specially designed for Russia excavating equipment with a European-style carriage moving on rails.

John Deere has taken a number of measures to increase “immunity” to low-quality domestic motor fuel. Thus, in addition to the existing three levels of filtering is added the fourth – a filter water separator, fuel system and the sensor presence of water. In addition, equipment that comes into our country, equipped only with engines, compliance with environmental regulations EU Stage II and Stage III, these power units is better “digest” the domestic diesel fuel.

On the “Russian” version of backhoe loaders for John Deere established a highly efficient heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems with directional vents provide excellent airflow windshield and comfortable in the cockpit.