Suzuki Swift reduced prices on 100 000!

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Suzuki Swift is now possible to call the old-timer-class golf – the first generation was published in 1984, and modern – the fourth in a row. In our market Swift appeared during the release of the second generation, as gained mass acceptance (and whom enjoys to this day) at a time when the world saw the third generation of the car.

The first two “Swift” seemed frankly budget and not have their own style (not counting those of the existence of a dull person.) But the third are radically changed and things went uphill. The machine turned out to be surprisingly all right and harmonious in appearance (think how many lives in a lab karapuzov segment B – the work of designers deserve respect, they are drawn proportional to the machine and right).

The key distinguishing features of the “Swift” new wave was a flat roof, which is littered with visual back, large front desk and evocative lighting. Best of all, and on the go baby, too, was good, and even the existence of a “robot” is not allowed to curve in the pout – it was a practical and balanced in all respects hatchback. Good to be stored, and the bad – cut off. It is guided by the slogan of Suzuki four years ago, started to develop a new generation Swift.

Until I saw the next two Swift – new and old – could not understand what is the fourth generation looks different from the third? From the photographs are not new, even pulled on a light facelift – almost one in one! But when kids are nearby, metamorphosis appear like an image on a blank sheet of photographic paper, which was lowered into the solution with the developer. When brand recognition and novelty became more expressive. For example, the front optics twice the size of the old and the taillights, though similar in shape and bend, but also significantly increased in size and have a big white section.

Yes, and the general expression of the front was ponahalnee. This applies to the size, shape and plastic front bumper, rear car was also relief. As for size, the layout here is: novice added 9 cm long and 5 inches wide, 10 cm have gone up, and the wheelbase lengthened by 5 cm supplements have any kind of work – increased reserve space in the cabin. But on the trunk and mikronchika no more – it will eventually even decreased from 213 to 211 liters and is considered one of the smallest in the class. Can be folded back, back row, increasing the volume to 528 liters. Sorry, that floor will be uneven, but with a noticeable step in the middle. Need Suzuki spare parts catalogue?

The body of the new Swift is not only grew in all directions, but it became harder and a little easier (in general the car dropped about 20 kg). The manufacturer has not stinted on an additional portion of high-strength steel in a particularly loaded areas such as safety bars in the doors, external boxes, the average desk, amplifier threshold and the roof.

Suspension while retaining the old scheme – MacPherson front, rear semi-independent scheme. Added stiffness front subframe and rear beam and recalibrate the settings of springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer bar. I recall that the previous Swift managed very badly, and that, therefore, should be even better? ..

But the handling is a bit later, but for now – familiarity with the salon. Interior good. Inside the Swift is not trying to be glamorous or premium sound, he is an honest and quality. Material finishes are not the most expensive, but quite acceptable, especially the unwritten foundations in class. Plastic hard everywhere, but well, looks decent, and the design – a pleasant, cheerful. Salon animated silver inserts and the front panel is divided into top and bottom of the niche where you can put small objects. On the left side, the driver’s side so get a little pocket for your mobile phone.

Middle – a nice unit for the audio, which is reminiscent of the aforesaid the older and more expensive brother – Kizashi. Just below – rotating the control handle ventilation, air-conditioned. Even lower – a slot for connecting USB-devices. It is a pity that the iPod was unable to identify the car. Nevertheless, almost all in step with the times, everything – from fashion! But still need to remember that the basic version for 559 000 rubles equipped with air conditioning, seven airbags, ABS and ESP, heated front seats, front power windows, central locking with remote control and adjustable steering wheel height. Perhaps this is one of the most attractive offers in the class on the market.

All machines that come from Hungary to Russia renewed a motor equipped with a volume of 1.2 liters (used to be a 1.3-liter engine) that is placed on another company’s baby – Splash. This engine – a vivid example of rapid development in Japanese. Got a new motor management program, due to which he added 8 horses and 4 lb-ft. All in all, a motor develops 94 hp decent, accessible at 6000 rpm! Maximum 118 Nm of engine produces too high – at 4800 rpm. Coupled with the power unit are 4-step “automatic” (extra for it – 40 000 rubles) or 5-speed “mechanics” as a test machine.

A five-speed gearbox works well, easy steps included. Torsional motor can give significant pickup after 4500 rev / min and, wielding a nice lever, you can go really cheerful! After traveling several times I asked the passengers of the engine volume, in their opinion, is under the hood? Passengers call options from 1.3 to 1.6 liters, and the photographer even suggested that the motor has a small turbine. In general, to blush for melkoobemny engine owner of Swift rather not have to, it’s very borzenky motor. And let the maximum speed of 165 km / hour does not seem beyond the clouds, in the city avtomobilchik looks agile and mischievous.

And not only thanks to a good engine and the “mechanics”. Suspension and handling – no less delicious in the performance of engineers Suzuki. Driving performance of this very attractive offer standard car balance of tailor-made and intelligent in every stage of handling and movement of good comfort, when the daily driving car is not shaking the passengers unnecessarily rigid suspension. Feedback on the job to the best of driving here are sharp, and the feedback electrical power seems almost natural. Even though, in the warm spring weather the car was shod in a studded winter tires, its handling left a very good memories.

In the ultimate reversal baby is ready for discharge of gas to move to a steeper radius, and, the sharper you oruduete throttle and rudder, the steeper will be screwing it on and go in a smooth drift. Machine wrapped in a “civil” tires on 15 “bell”, protects the interior of the nervous system and its owner and on the bumpy road. She swallows the bumps well, and in order to penetrate her, you need to fly into a really deep hole. Swift not care for the low-quality track and road. However, on a soft winter tires at speeds above 160 km / h (as shown raskochegarit managed machine to 180) extends the dynamic corridor hatch little walks in the band, requiring podrulivany. Rather, in the summer tread, this effect disappears.