Where to start the money, it often ends in friendship?!

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A friend in need is known, according to well-known proverb. And this is fully confirmed when a good friend willing to help out, and when it becomes tight with money. Nevertheless, the consequences need to be yourself, do not idealize the real world.

This problem manifests itself more often than many might assume it. By some estimates, more than 50 percent of all significant debt to the Russians have private individuals, mainly in relation to relatives and close acquaintances druzbyam.

The misfortune of friendship is that it is impossible to cram in some legal form or to measure what some objective criteria. However, among friends, the rule: “The man said – man made!” And it’s not just men. The formalities are generally considered unnecessary.

In principle, nothing against the objections can be raised. From a legal point of view, verbal agreements can also be considered by the contract. The problem is only one thing: If the loan lender has to prove that he actually signed such an agreement. And in such cases is often formed in the memory of the debtor’s amazing spaces. Forgotten everything, debts, and with them, and friendship.

In severe cases this can lead to the fact that no refund of proof would be impossible. At a minimum, through official channels.

So first, should be a written contract (then learn about western sky loan!) – without any money to give, or not take stands. In this case, the contract is not necessarily assure a notary, unless it is for someone to become a significant moral obstacle. Enough to make an agreement on paper and sign it by both parties. In addition, if the money is given at interest, it must be specified interest rate and the beginning of interest payments.
Moreover, it is not only to the lender, but also for the debtor. Because if there is such an agreement, the debtor will be able not only to defend their rights in conflict situations, but also to take advantage of paying taxes (of course, with a corresponding desire and capacity). But the credit agreement, sealed by a handshake only, the tax inspectorate does not accept any of that.

Naturally, that should fix an amount that is given a loan, as well as the time during which the money should be given. Of course, a good idea to anticipate and appropriate guarantees. So, in case of failure, can be provided, for example, the lender transfers the vehicle registration certificate of the debtor, or the like of this action.
And it does not mean that friends do not trust each other. After all, real people and, God forbid, of course, the debtor shortly before the end of the maturity of the debt is dead. This case is for the lender to the saddest, he simultaneously loses a friend, and money.

Indeed, often the heirs do not have the slightest idea that his friend took the money in the debt and put it into question. On the basis of a written agreement as we can prove that the fact that giving money loan took place and it was agreed to return the debt.

A proportion of the risk still remains
The creditor must always remember one thing. If one got into difficulty and officially declared personal bankruptcy, it means that money is gone. In this case, all the debtors come standard. You can not force another to give back instantly. But you can destvovat discretion. In this case, already has a situation where there is a reason for going to court.

With all the pros and cons, as well as considering all the pitfalls that arise in connection with a written agreement, the friends have not once think about whether to take each other on loan large sums of money. Because against loss of money can not stand each, even a very strong friendship.