Why come up with Love …

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When we are happy, are unlikely to ask yourself this question, and when a wounded angel dear heart, “crying and crying” – everyone asks himself and torment all others: Why invented love?. And do not convince me that you passed through a period in life.

Millions of books, pages of Internet resources devoted to research and romantic philosophical reflections on this theme, but no one came up with a drug or real money, not to avoid love, suffering, sleepless nights, mental anguish and bitterness of loss.

I propose to make an attempt to understand the simple and complex issue. It’s no secret that love can lift up to heaven, and cast into the abyss, it is not asking our permission. If a man – architect of his own happiness (* does not remember who said it and where I subtracted!), Why is it difficult to manage their emotions and feelings. I want to subscribe to the courses, which quickly and painlessly learn to be a blacksmith … your happiness! Maybe not all the power of the hammer of a blacksmith?

I’ll start from the beginning. We met two people who between them ran a spark, there was a mutual attraction, there was a mysterious chemical process and now – love came. Wait a minute, maybe this is not a great feeling about which they write in novels and make movies, but just – an ordinary passion at the level of sexual instincts? Where to draw the line clearly separates the true love and attraction to the opposite sex. I hear the silent cry, what do I know the true feelings at that moment … but something I doubt the correctness of this statement.

Romantic nature and attentive audience, readers know that the beautiful cinematic «love story» especially touched the heart and soul affect the delicate strings (* a beautiful stamp), if there are no happy ending and end with the sad events that resulted in the lovers parted by some reasons. So, love is always or almost always close with losses, cardiac pain and the sea of ​​tears. So why are we “from the cradle,” or at school dreaming and dreaming about it, look for your mate (* another cliche), visit a party and dating sites, smarten up, dress up, swing muscles and striving for excellence? – You must know about white label program!!!

If for a moment forget his love which is without a doubt – the most-the real, it becomes clear that the world is in a reasonable love. Yes, today is normal to get married or get married to a great love, but to make a marriage contract. Or have a family to move up the career ladder (* stamp business) or having a healthy baby with a good inheritance. Tender and passionate feelings plus a reasonable approach to creating a family and have children, we have two in one package (* promotional stamp).

In fact, most young people dream of that perfect moment comes when the love “will carry the roof” and you will not want to live a single minute without those eyes, hands, lips … The present generation – this is a very advanced pragmatic romantic secret desires constantly in search of perfection in everything. I must admit that often the desire to reach “the last level and beat the game” – the most important point about the purpose and life stage.

Now is the time of my confession and some results. In fact, no one came up with love, or perhaps really want to believe it, we are born from love and with love. Love – it is in everything: in the reflection of maternal eye, and the pride of first place in the Olympics, in tenderness to his classmate or schoolmate. Unbridled passion and a sea of ​​tenderness, sexual desire and ocean delight, desire to protect a loved one and live with him for the rest of life – natural feelings and symptoms of true love. And everything else, including even common prudence and calculation – the distinctive features of the present time. However, maybe you anyway … I – for love, but with a passion to the loss of pulse (or heart palpitations!), With short-term memory loss (to forget everything that happened before that!), With instant hyperopia (so as not to see small disadvantages!) and with mutual understanding, or at least the desire to look in one direction!