Mission: To be in the shadow of her husband!

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As a matter of experiences that the ideal modern woman is often considered an active woman, is rapidly making a career and is constantly engaged in self-education. It should then have time to care for themselves, doing all the necessary procedures and exercise.

Well, if it is also a good housewife and mother of a great, if not – it does not matter, just to have enough money to pay for services the cooks, cleaners, governesses and other staff. Another issue that is such a number of common parts is not men, because not every representative of the stronger sex can exist in an atmosphere of constant competition with the beloved, and to reach such heights a woman can often with heavy losses.

Russian and Ukraine girls, immersed completely in a housekeeping and raising kids loved, it is often somewhat limited and a little stupid. She is constantly busy at home, and in his spare time gossiping with her friends on the phone, watching the endless soap serials and shows. We do not argue, among housewives there are. Moreover, they are completely satisfied with their lives, all the pressing issues as calmly lay on the shoulders of her husband and does not burden them. Learn more how to diseases !

But it goes on first and on the second. There are ordinary at first glance, the women who try to pay attention and even home and family, and work. And next to them are often successful in their field men, or at least aspiring to achieve something. And no one realizes that this modest role of his wife in this very big. Or they deliberately do not advertise it, respecting your husband as head of household, or are not even aware of their role. Is this not said U.S. Congressman Brooks Hays: in his words, for every successful man is proud of his wife (and hand to it, add some!) Examples of this symbiosis can find a lot, and women in such unions – not servile creatures with my mouth open looking at their husbands, they are making some progress, may also have their own business, just never come to the fore, while in the shadow of her illustrious husband.

Take the giant founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. His name is on the ear, and his wife, a charming and intelligent Melinda knows not everyone. Winner of the rationalistic views, he honestly admits that there is still surprised to the fact that once formed the Melinda his desire to marry her (or rather, according to a computer genius, made the wish.) By the time they met Melinda was already held business woman, having a diploma of economist, programmer and graduated Master of Business Administration, she served in sales to Microsoft, concluding on behalf of the firm’s multimillion-dollar contracts. Once they got into a torrid affair, Melinda tried to guess all the secret desires favorite. Having before our eyes the example of their parents, who did everything together, he wanted the same and in his own marriage. Seeing that he and Melinda have much in common, starting with the overall work (she was his slave) to the books and hobby extreme tourism, he could not resist. Even cute freak severe businessman, inspired by “The Great Gatsby” Fitzgerald, a green light, relations between the two heroes of the book, was happy to fulfill this intelligent woman, when she wanted to see in their head, it included on the table lamp with a green shade. This, incidentally, is not nothing but a psychological method of forming a positive label, but hardly Melinda thought about it then. After the wedding, she had to leave work. because there is no nepotism in high esteem, but gladly took up the house, children and charitable foundation, based spouse. She took a secluded life of Bill, rarely published and even in the restaurant closes care of her husband from harassing journalists. And at home waiting for him a warm atmosphere, inspiring further action.

Another example is of Russian history – Raisa Gorbachev. You can treat this controversial period of history, to condemn the activities of Gorbachev, but that this couple has managed to attract the attention of world public to their government, then still existing Soviet Union. Valery Boldin, Gorbachev’s aide later wrote in his book that Rice and his active nature and an active interest in the outside world has played a decisive role in politics, even in the life of the party and country. She worked on a charitable, cultural and educational activities, promoted the reform of her husband, was he right hand and moral support in any minute. Despite the fact that she was not in the shadow of her husband, only the prestigious award “,” Women of the World “and” Lady of the Year “for something they say, the leading role in governing the country still playing it. Seeing the Iron Lady, few guessed the small and vulnerable soul, she always worried about her husband, and after the coup, putsch in 1991 against the heavy thoughts of betrayal close friends she had a stroke. It is long gone, but Michael continues to work his wife, thanks to the work his foundation was built by the Institute of Pediatric Hematology, since his wife began while fighting childhood leukemia.

Even these two examples suffice. Smart woman will not fight with her husband for a leading position in the family or take on unusual feminine nature of household. It will support and the support of her husband, when necessary, would lead him to push the wrong way or, when necessary. Is this not what the proverb says: a man’s head and neck, a woman should be. Just try to live without a neck, in addition, it helps to turn your head where you want and when needed. Think about this and rethink their place in the family! The mission of “being in the shadow of her husband” is not demeaning and does not imply any restrictions.