Tourism in Sao Tome

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Tourism in Sao Tome

After the radical political changes in 1990 – 1992, German and Swiss investors set up the first tourist hotel facilities with the active support of the Ministries responsible.

In this, environmental protection considerations have been strictly followed. Thus for the first time, business and leisure tourism has become a source of state income.

In the course of setting up this hotel facility, 150 positions were indirectly created for qualified employees. In addition, the supply of goods for the hotel facilities has been obtained as far as is possible and at the best quality from local sources (e.g. fish, poultry, vegetables, fruit, etc.).

In this way, approx 50 additional jobs were secured. Further activities have been developed in the hotel periphery, such as a travel agency, boutique, car rental, boat charters, diving and organised walking tours in the tropical rainforests of the high mountains.