Five myths about Chinese products and Chinese manufacturers!

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Five myths about Chinese products and Chinese manufacturers!

People engaged in myth-making for centuries, telling how in distant countries people live with dogs’ heads, and trusting citizens are listening to these strangers and listened to them with bated breath.

To the 21st century, and today we are surrounded by other modern myths, which, despite the high information technologies, are formed in the minds of citizens, bypassing the common sense of the existing reality.

1. In China, cheap product grows on trees.

This has long been the stereotype that all cheap in China has been generated in the era of Russian shuttle blazed the way to the east. In the 80 years the country is beginning to find its feet thanks to the new policy. Cheap Chinese labor, cheap resources to enable a leap forward. But China is not standing still. Now China is rich in the eyes of the relations in the factories are becoming more civilized, increasing workers’ wages, more expensive raw materials. Natural increase and prices for some goods they have long been raised, however, as purchasing power has risen and the Chinese. Goods of decent quality can not be cheap. Although still very much in China available products.

2. At the factory, which produces products for the well-known brands, you can easily buy a small lot of goods.

Some people believe that if we turn to such a factory, then there can easily buy a small lot of goods at bargain prices in china shops.

You have to understand that big companies have their own network of dealers through which they are engaged in distribution of products. And they are interested in the goods to be distributed through them. Plants also are not authorized to sell products. This involved the head office, which distributes the flow of products to dealers.

It has a bakery next to a stall, which immediately and sells fresh hot rolls, and if you beat the director of Nokia, it would permit each to buy a visiting director of phones in their factories producing or continue to build a sales network in the world?

3. China – means poor quality.

This is the second stereotype, which gave rise to the consciousness of the mass consumer boom era of the shuttle and Chinese small businessmen, suddenly flooded the Russian retail market. China can deliver the goods to absolutely any quality. Quality depends on customer requirements. Poor quality will occur when you buy obviously poor quality. Now in China made parts for BMW, sophisticated electronics, global brands are sewn in China in Chinese factories. China called the “world factory”. Absolutely the same style clothes you can make two different factories. Quality is not the same, it will depend on how much you pay for the manufacture of these products and what materials you’ll make it. When I first came to Japan, I first went to an electronics store in the center of Sapporo, I really wanted to see for themselves on this wonderful technique. I have long walked the halls of electronics and computer engineering, has not yet turned on a small plaque near the perilous laptop. A panel has been written Made in Japan. I’m surprised at these facts, she called the manager of the hall and began to ask why there is a plaque. At that the manager told me that only this model is assembled in Japan, all the rest gathered in China. But what about quality? The seller assured me, do not worry! The quality of the Japanese. I went for a long time for this huge supermarket and was surprised to discover that all the 8-storey supermarket is only one laptop was Made in Japan, the remaining equipment was assembled in China, and salespeople do not hid.

4. Branded goods cheaper in China.

Branded goods may not be cheaper in China, as the pricing depends directly from the manufacturer. In China, only cheaper low-quality counterfeit branded products. Original Apple iPhone will be here as much as in Russia. On some product names and prices can be higher than in Russia. While China produces quite decent and competitive products of its brands. Another question is that in China there is now its global brands. But at the moment he is the producer of all major brands, and not far off the day when China will make the next step and provide us with their brands.

5. China depends on foreign investment and customers.

In the perception of the average European, China – a country where all six billion people ride bicycles in straw hats and eat rice. China rapidly developing country with all the modern technology and high-tech products are widely used in everyday life. And this happens not because the country is focused on foreign markets. China ranks first in the world in terms of population, all major production countries are aimed primarily at meeting the needs and demands of the domestic market. Chinese manufacturers are not dependent on foreign customers. There are some plants that operate only in foreign markets as well as manufactured product has no demand in the domestic market, among which, for example, those who produce Christmas products and some souvenirs.