Can a single mother to marry a foreigner?

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According to statistics, in Russia 30% of all mothers – single. Add to this number of women who are divorced themselves raising their children.

It turns out a huge figure. Of course, some women marry again, and the child acquires a stepfather at home.

But many women are concerned about the question of how to get married abroad with the child. These women seek husbands abroad, hoping to find her husband not only myself, but father and his child. And they find it.

Successful marriages with foreigners, when a woman finds herself happy and create a normal family for your child much more than unfortunate.

How should a husband to start searching on websites of international agencies? With fervent desire to change your life, find a beloved man.

To learn how to make good pictures. Fill out the form correctly, you can read the recommendations on the site Talking about how to get married with a child to a foreigner, I want to warn women when filling out not to hide the presence of a child.

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Dear Ladies! For many foreigners, this would be a pleasant reason to choose you. Many men do not mind to marry a woman with a child. Those men who are looking for a woman without children, will disappear at once. And you do not take the time to empty the correspondence.

If you find a potential bride, and you make an offer to get married and move to her husband’s place of residence, here for you to come hard days.

At registration documents for leaving the child abroad for permanent residence, you will have to obtain the consent of the child’s father to export it abroad. In this situation, benefiting those mothers whose baby’s father in the documents is missing. For the remaining period begins pleading entreaties and her former husband to agree to the removal of the child. A former husbands, usually trying to squeeze out of the situation, all we can to take revenge on his ex-wife, or just fuck the extra money.

Now I will briefly explain how children were trafficked abroad, my friends.

1. Vera with her two children in the late 90′s gathered to marry an American. His father refused to allow children, although up to this point he only paid child support, not thinking about the health of girls, when arranged nightly squabbles and so on.
Faith offered him a waiver of alimony in exchange for permission. But the man just scoffed.

Then Faith’s future husband went to one of the neighboring states of the former Soviet bloc. Paid money to the hospital. They gave a fake confirmation that the girls and treated in hospital. Vera took out girls in a neighboring state, and from there went to Warsaw, where he received a visa without any problems and left. Now the girls have grown. The youngest student at American University, the oldest working.

2. At 2 years Lera husband did not pay child support, do not buy groceries, clothing, school supplies, not to mention the toys for the children. Motivated by the fact that he was a private entrepreneur. When Valerie spoke for permission to transfer their common daughter-in-law rushed the former, her husband’s brother, and himself a former. Began to extort money.

Lehr filed in court, telling the lawyer and about unpaid child support, and about the extortion. Joined the education authorities, and sent a bunch of Americans than the recommendations from his place of work. Valerie on the court was right to take her daughter. Now she and her mother took to her. A girl in 2009 she began studying at the university.

3. Larissa invited her ex-husband a full waiver of alimony and the rights to the apartment, if he gives permission to leave two daughters. Ex-husband happily agreed. And his daughter and her mother left.

And Larissa recently bought an apartment in the city, as her American husband was very fond of our country, and wants to live with us, when will retire. The apartment is waiting for him and Larissa. And while both girls get a university education in the United States.

4. Rima wanted to marry a German. But ex-husband refused to give permission to remove her daughter. Then Rima rock he would be happy to leave his daughter with him. The girl and her mother agreed to in advance. My husband was horrified: he has a new family on the verge of giving birth. He immediately offered to go to a lawyer and to sign all documents.

Now Rima lived happily in a small town in Germany. It confirmed its formation, has found a well paid job.

5. But with the boys – more difficult. As soon as the boy is a student gets an initial consideration of the draft board-all. You will not be able to take away. Remember that.

All examples have a statute of limitations. Maybe something has changed, but not in the psychology of ex-husbands. So prepare for trouble. But remember that every problem can be solved if a wish.