How to make beautiful pictures for a dating site?!

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Dating sites exhibit several variants of standard photographs – a portrait depicting the girl’s face, half-length image, full-length or sitting.

Typically, photographs are of a width not exceeding 600 pixels. The fact is that the programs used to publish photos of girls, standard, therefore, large or too small pictures will need to be reprocessed – to cut, reduce, increase, and so on.

We have already mentioned on the site on how to pose for photos. Today let’s talk about other aspects.

For make-up are a few important points. Firstly, it should be. If a girl in real life generally does not use makeup, then the picture on a dating site, of course, have to try. The ideal option would be if you use the services of an experienced makeup artist. Professional of his craft can make a makeup that will not damage your natural beauty, but also highlight the benefits of properly spaced accents. More information on anastasia dating scam!

Second, if there are any flaws, glaring, for example, short or sparse lashes, you need to by special methods to achieve the brightness and expressive eyes. Materials for eyelash extensions – the first thing that comes to mind. Artificial eyelashes might not stand out and look like a natural. But the girl’s eyes at the same time become much prettier.

Also worth to take care of her hair. Well-groomed and neatly coiffed hair – it’s only a plus in a huge collection of your strengths. Without the services of a hairdresser going.

And if there is an opportunity to choose between a tight beam combed her hair and the preference is to give the latter. Your hair – it’s your pride, it is useful to emphasize this.

Before going into the studio to see beautiful pictures of profiles of other women, consider the posture, facial expressions, rehearse a smile in the mirror.
How to make beautiful pictures for a dating site?

Psychologists advise to look at the pictures for a dating site as soon as possible feminine.

If you choose the clothes that give preference to dress, skirt, not jeans or even a business suit. Responsible approach to the choice of colors to wear. Your image should intrigue a man call his desire to protect prigolubit, hug. Logically, the woman in red subconsciously raise interest in men, but the “gray mouse” is unlikely to be the object of anyone’s attention.

But overdo it with women’s “tricks” are also dangerous. Any affectedness and falseness immediately repel sincere people. The same goes for your profile, so please read the tips on how to properly fill out a questionnaire.

In the portrait looks much nicer smiling girl. If a person is serious, and look cool, then against the other contenders will play the girl. You can look perfect – the perfect hairstyle, expertly made-up, properly chosen clothes … But without a smile, all this beauty will not cause vivid interest in men.

If the photos are clearly visible your hands, you need to take care and manicure. Even if you are not accustomed to long nails to shoot better or release, or increase your nails. Then your fingers look much neater and more feminine. Materials for nail can be kept for a long time, so you do not have to spend too much money on a manicure.

And, of course, if there is a possibility that the pictures did a professional photographer, it is better to use it. Professional will be able to see you at the punch line, which will make you irresistible.

And certainly not worth taking pictures “on the phone.” Low quality images and poor color rendition is not talking to your advantage.

And finally – for a photo in any case should not choose a picture of a decade ago, which, incidentally, shows the wedding ring on your right hand.