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One of the most successful Russian musical projects in the new century. Three members of the group VIA Gra five studio albums, shooting a 4-television musicals, more than 30 video clips. The group has won many awards, including the “Golden Disk”, “Golden Gramophone”.

A characteristic feature is the frequent change of staff member, which suggests that the group is a commercial producer project. Producers Group – Konstantin Meladze and Dmitry Kostyuk. Name of the group – an allusion to the drug Viagra.

The idea for this project belongs to the future producer – Dmitry Kostyuk. At the beginning of the second producer Kostyuk and Konstantin Meladze, conceived to make the pretty ukraine girls pop trio. Alain Vinnytsia, at that time working on the Ukrainian television station, “Biz-TV”, to participate in the group invited himself Dmitry Kostyuk. During casting, the group had been selected two girls. Were recorded the song “Would you let me” and “Attempt № 5″ and has already started shooting the first clip for the song “Trying to number 5″, but for some reason the producers decided to close the project. Some time later, the producers returned to the idea and decide to still create a group, but more carefully selecting the composition. They decide to do a duet and a couple of Alena Vinnitsa invite Hope Granovsky. The main vocalist doing Alain Vinnitsa. Songs are rewritten, clip retake. The project is called “Via Gra”.

On why the group was named this way, there are several versions. VIA – an acronym that stands for “Vocal-Instrumental Ensemble” and “Gra” is translated from the Ukrainian language as the “game”. Also, many believe that the name – a derivative of the names of singers, in which the “VI” – the beginning of the name of “Vinnytsya”, “A” – the first letter of the name Alena, and “Gra” – respectively, the top names in the group co-worker Alena, Hope Granovsky. Another version is that the “Gra” stands for “Voice, Joy, Artistry.” But the real underlying reason was that the various transcripts somehow formed a word “VIA Gra”, which has the same name with pills that increase sexual potency in men. Single opinion on how the same stands for the name of the team, no.