Perfume. Mini user’s Guide.

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Is it appropriate to be about my dear interlocutors, a comparison of perfumery art and music?

For the composer of the creative process is a result of the joy of creativity, the score (and fee)), for a musician – a record or a concert for the audience – the feeling and experience. Our skin reacts to the fact that invented perfumer becomes complicit in the process, co-executor, change the sound, it brings something new, unique and personal. Is it possible to configure such a tool as your own body? What can be done with the score (perfume) to get maximum enjoyment from the process?

Suppose perfume is already there, the problem of choice is not necessary. In this topic I would like to discuss only the concentration, the types of bottles, the possible methods of application, storage, change the duration of sound (resistance) as well as stereotypes and conjectures that these methods have acquired.

Concentration. Types of bottles

Leaving aside the solid perfume as rarely used and, often, souvenir, we find that sweet-smelling liquid is placed in three types of bottles – splash (or bottle with a ground screw cap with immediate access to the spirits), spray (spray bottle, direct contact with the liquid No vial, a vial can be sealed, may be detachable, can be filled with gas under pressure) and roll-on (a bottle of spinning the ball in contact alternately with the liquid, then the skin).

Each type of bottle has its pluses and minuses. Pros bottles splash and roll-on – and the precision of dosing, the downside is attributed to the possibility that the liquid dust, particles of skin that can cause damage. For definite plus spray is easy to use and transport, but have to be careful when spraying, so as not to overdo it or do not miss.

Fragrant substance exists in different concentrations: columns of smoke, perfume, Eau water, toiletries, Wholesale perfumes, extracts, perfumes, etc. etc. Some manufacturers do not get tired to excel in the name of the concentrations. What are we up to these names?

Often, but not always in different concentrations of flavor different content of aromatic substances. In the extract, or perfume a lot, in the column or less haze. Often, because most manufacturers adhere to this rule in its product line. Not always, because content of aromatic substances in the column of one manufacturer may be more than another in the extract. Sometimes the percentage of alcohol they write on the box, but a greater or lesser number is not about the quality of flavor.

Often, but not always in different concentrations is not only a quantity of alcohol, but also the composition. Often, because not everything can be just thinner to dissolve, sometimes you have to touch the whole structure, or because different concentrations of some odors are not released simultaneously, but in different years, some of the concentrations can not be a commercial success, so making adjustments in the following and run under the same name (new again). It is not always true in exactly the opposite reasons – the thickening thinning is possible without noticeable distortion of composition, all available at once the product line of perfume to body lotions and scented candles. Be careful if you are accustomed to using a lighter concentration in the morning and evening perfume. Try to taste flavor at all concentrations.

Often, but not always corresponds to a certain concentration of resistance. It is believed that spirits must stay 12 hours, columns of smoke or 2 hours. Often, as different concentrations in order and are historically. Perfume for standing in the boudoir, a cautious eye drops for the evening and ball until the morning, columns – sumochnaya packing on the road, to refresh memories of the aroma. Not always, because resistance depends not only on the number of aromatic substances and the inscription on the box, but also from the many other factors, including the volatility used in each case, components, chemistry of the skin, weather and climatic conditions, application method.

How and where to apply perfume

Easier and faster to just spray a fragrant liquid from the spray. Took aim and pshshshshshshshshshshshshshik-zilch zilch, zilch, zilch, as long as your finger does not get tired. :) Only for this type of bottle is possible way of applying the “cloud” when the scent spray straight up in front of him, to walk under a cloud, and collecting clothing, skin, hair scented precipitation.

With a splash bottles difficult. You can apply with your finger, at the risk namusorit in a bottle, a glass stopper is possible to reduce (but not eliminate) the risk of shortening life spirits. Many fans of the exact dose applied perfume enjoy a glass rod or pour some spirits in a special container empty – a tube roller. No fans drip method can pour perfume into a bottle with spray – atomizer.

Typically, perfumes are applied to the skin, where it is warmer than most, which are close to major blood vessels: the ears, the crook of the elbow to the neck, the wrists on the inside, under the knee back (but not in winter, when their legs in stockings). There are fans wearing fragrance in the hair, fur, clothing and accessories.

But! List and number of body areas (and items) for the application of the perfume is individualized to each person for each fragrance, for each way of applying perfume.

First, the number. Seven zilch (for 2 ears, 2 hands to zilch, zilch on under each knee and a generous zilch in the neck) for some perfume – the bare minimum, for some – lethal concentration. The experience of others does not help, because everyone has their own skin. To someone one drop of scent and sound will be poured from morning till night, someone five zilch in different places will be enough, leather scent just “eat”. By experimenting with the amounts, do not forget about humanism. If you suddenly stopped hearing flavor, does not mean that others did the same thing at once.

“Update” flavor, simply put, reapplication. A moot point. If you no longer hear the flavor does not mean that the melody is already finish the. If it does not feel it and want to repeat, try to put on those areas of the skin, where the perfume was not there, not to be confused with the prologue to epilogue.

Sometimes it’s a noticeable difference in the method of application. Try to spray or spread the same fragrance in the same concentration, possibly, the result is surprisingly pleasant and what is kept short and seemed sharp, “sit” is softer and more durable.

It is believed that perfume lasts longer on oily or moist skin. Check out this assertion is not possible, because the skin of each organism one – it is. The other skin is a different organism with their illness, nutrition and hormones, the comparison will not work correctly. But you can experiment. Under Apply perfume (and pre-let to absorb) to the skin cream or drizzle odorless perfume immediately after a shower, not vyterevshis dryness. The differences may not be the result might not happy. :) To extend the life of the perfume on your skin, you can also use, or a combination of different methods of application.

Habitat or the place of application – this is our second.

Point for the application should be chosen based on the desired outcome and characteristics of the organism. Regardless of the health and cleanliness should not apply perfume on the body areas with abundant streams and salootdelenie (underarms, feet, who knows what else, straight do not even know). Not necessary to put flavor into the gap from the navel to the knee. We are animals, nature has provided in this interval-specific scents for their own purposes, with the perfume is better not to intervene so as not to come worse.

If you want to constantly feel the perfume, put it closer to the nose (no, not in your mouth), such as the neck or chest. Uletuchivayas, the smell does not miss.

If you want to create a fragrant cocoon, aura, apply perfume behind the ears, the lobes of the ears, on his head. Or, use the above technique “cloud.” This method is suitable for knowledge workers spend a lot of time in one position. If you’re running stometrovku, the aura will not work.

If you want the flavor is not distracted, not annoyed, found himself in the nose only on request, apply it to the extremities. Fans of the long tail, too, do not forget about the limbs, which are often even much of a man sitting and moving than the ears.

If you want the flavor of the jet, crept slowly and be heard at very close range, apply to skin under clothing.

If you want different effects at the same time – combine.

About clothes and all that leather is not necessary to talk separately. Clothing sewn from different tissues, some of the materials of vegetable origin, some animal and a great number of synthetics. Wool and silk are the property of little change flavor, cotton and viscose behave like a paper blotter. The vast field for experimentation. Just keep in mind that perfume can leave the bright clothing stains, the smell can not long vystiryvatsya.

Special items – His Majesty polyester. Synthetics are not hygroscopic, not breathing, is the house for a great number of bacteria, waste products which smell. Smell after a couple hours of wearing synthetic clothing, especially if the body is an active lifestyle or preet on the subway. You want your favorite flavor distorted beyond recognition?

Owners coats and lush hair probably noticed that the fur and hair have the ability to absorb odors from the environment much more than clothes. Pleasant odors and not very much. Any. Since you bring a picnic in your hair smell of shish kebab, from the conservatory to smell Puazona stole from the lady on the right.

If you consider it necessary to stifle your hair, make sure that they have been washed clean with a minimum of styling products that have their own smell, or you might get a cacophony of smells.

Spirits in the fur categorical no. Gone are the days when the spirits of the drowned scents of leather production. If a drop of perfume on the collar and on the ice rink – is romantic, then half a bottle of spray on the coat and the subway – is a mockery of others. Also, remember, fur absorbs odors, many from outside. Mix well.

Storage perfume.

About the careful handling of the contents of bottles splash described above.

Perfume live and be happy for a long time if:

1. Will be supported by a stable regime of temperature and humidity. Sufficiently cool dry place in a cupboard away from heat sources. Smooth daily and annual temperature fluctuations perfume still survive, will survive harsh, such as when you open the refrigerator door, if you decide to keep it just out there (by the way, there are wet), bathroom (wet and warm in case), in bag (a warm house , the cold street, the warm and transport).

2. If you will save it from direct sunlight. Best perfume from the light to protect his own box.

3. If you are not going to shake him and shake. To bag or glove compartment car, purchase a small bottle, which is not sorry. Storage in the chest of drawers is also a risk factor.

On storage conditions and expiry dates written on the boxes.

The manufacturer and seller in the transportation, storage and sale of perfume is subjected to the risk. According to the laws on consumer protection, they are responsible for the fact that it froze, shaken or overheated. Responsibility that they are willing to bear for some time, not forever, so they prefer to point out the box a certain period. After this period, perfume, if not sold, he moved to stock store shelves and flooded news. But it usually happens long before the expiration date, illiquid not beneficial to anyone to keep in stock and the trading floor. Should we throw out favorite perfume on the day following the expiration date, or use the “late” everyone decides for himself. Producers and sellers advantage to throwing. And buy, buy, buy a new one.

Remember how much Iza did not like Caruso, who sang to him Abram? Unsuccessful execution of a musical work can easily distort the original plan and get upset, instead of joy. And if you send Abram troll? Let him not to sing Alyabevskogo “Nightingale,” but “Oh mo` mo `gros gros” certainly will overcome.

Descant, tune the instrument and experiment.