All about Africa!

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From the perspective of the tourism industry in Africa can be divided into two groups: the countries of North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. North African countries (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Canary Islands) – the place in general, low-cost, mass tourism, they are widely known to tourists from Russia and Ukraine. At the same time as the sub-Saharan Africa for tourists from the former CIS countries virtually nothing is known.

The tourist industry sub-Saharan Africa – the most intensively growing sector of the global economy. If the volume of international tourism in the world in 2005 grew by only 5.5%, in relation to Africa, this figure exceeds 10%, and, in particular, Kenya is more than 26%, Mozambique – 37% of South Africa – 11% in Seychelles – 7%.

These achievements – the absolute world record, achieved in any continent in the last ten years. One of the main reasons for this situation – extremely high profitability of African destinations for foreign travel companies. Meanwhile, only a maximum of ten of thousands of travel agencies in Moscow believed African areas as a priority. The same is true in Kiev and other cities. Learn more about african single!

The main feature of tourism in Africa is that the ability of the continent not known for not only tourists, but travel company. There are stereotypes that Africa – it is something negative in terms of health and infrastructure, which is not quite true. In Africa, many first-class hotels, including the categories of VIP, opportunities for active and extreme relaxation.

Today, African-tourism is rapidly growing. Rapidly growing demand for Kenya, Tanzania, where there including a beach holiday. After the animated film “Madagascar” is a growing demand and to the island.