14-year-old Chinese woman – the owner of the largest breast

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It is established that at the moment very large and heavy breasts in the world has a 14-year-old woman from China Ting Hiafen (the village of Chang). Her bust weighing 20 kg and droops to the ground at 48 cm

According to the girl, ladies beauty gives her enormous inconvenience.

Bras must be ordered only in the studio, you can only sleep on their backs, and with peers shun Ting communication, calling them “ugly clumsy” and “cash cow”. And giggle and grimace as the girls are building, and young people. Learn more on asian women dating!

In this situation, to understand public opinion is quite impossible. If the breasts are small – some misfortune, great – the horror, and of normal size is considered a “lack of punch.”

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