All about Latin Tours

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Tours in South America, because of their high cost, are not very popular among Russians. But the trend is that, gradually, they become more available and more and more tourists on a journey to Latin America.

Each country in this region is very individual, and, going on latin tour, as you can carefully examine one of them, and found with several countries.

For example, going to the special twelve days on tour, “South America”, you can see the beauty of Rio de Janeiro, admire the magnificent Iguazu Falls, stroll along the avenue on July 9 in Buenos Aires and visit the sights of Santiago.

Also, our company will arrange for you a varied holiday in South America, in which you can improve your health, have fun at one of the resorts, visit the various workshops and educational programs. Tours in Latin America will present a kaleidoscope of unforgettable impressions of Mexico City, Teotihuacan pyramids, and Chichen Itza, the ancient Mayan cities and forts pirates, volcanoes of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the rainforest and the Panama Canal.

Of course, the rest of Latin America is unthinkable without a visit to Patagonia – the unique region of the continent. Patagonia – it stretches into the distance of the forest, crystal clear lakes, islands, fjords, mountains and glaciers, the most notable of which – “Perito Moreno”.

It is here in Latin America, you can see a picture of an extraordinary collision of two elements – sand and ocean, to feel on your skin while dry desert wind and the sea breeze and fill her breasts wonderfully clean air.