Picture of a airplane

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Airplane (aka airplane) – aircraft with aerodynamic way to create a lifting force by a motor and fixed wing (wing) and used to fly in Earth’s atmosphere. (Later in this article, the term aircraft is treated only in this sense.)

The aircraft is capable of traveling at high speed, using the lift of the wing to maintain themselves in the air. Fixed-wing aircraft are distinguished from the ornithopter (maholeta) and a helicopter, and the presence of the engine – from the airframe.

By dirigible aircraft features an aerodynamic way to create a lifting force – an aircraft wing in the incoming flow of air creates lift. Watch picture of a airplane now!

This definition is a “classic” and relevant to aircraft that existed at the dawn of aviation. In relation to current and future developments in aviation technology (integral and hypersonic aerodynamic layout, the use of a variable thrust vector, etc.) the term “aircraft” requires clarification: The plane – an aircraft for flight in the atmosphere (and space (eg orbital plane) ), which uses aerodynamic lift to keep the airframe itself in the air (in flight within the atmosphere), and traction power (motor) units for maneuver and full compensation for the loss of mechanical energy to drag.