What you know about SEO in Melbourne?

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Almost every Internet user once heard words such as promotion, website promotion and other terms in tune with them. But the concept of SEO in this list still stands. It is believed that this “slang” advanced internet users and professionals in the field of promotion. However, SEO – it may be said, it’s the official name of what we have long and unsuccessfully engaged. Abbreviation stands for SEO as Search Engines Optimization, that is, “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimization.”

Quite simply – “search engine optimization.” Many people write this abbreviation in Russian – the CEO. It is, incidentally, very similar to the English-language acronym CEO – Chief Executive Officer, and this introduces a certain confusion in understanding what is written, when found in the texts on the Internet. Say more, many even somehow use a term such as «seo site optimization.” Get “greasy oil” is, in fact, between the words «seo» and «Optimization” you can put an equal sign.

If you have about 7 years ago about the term SEO know one, right now, when the service search engine promotion is becoming increasingly popular among small and medium-sized businesses, the term CEO is starting to be fixed in the lexicon of Internet users. Appear words derived from the word SEO, as well as the terms containing the word SEO in Melbourne.

Here are some examples:

“SEOs” or “seo optimizers” – the people involved in the process of SEO, one way or another involved in search engine optimization sites.

«SEO-companies” – firms that specialize in providing SEO-services. Incidentally, we ourselves to those not affected. SEO is the most important source of income of the company, but nevertheless we are positioning ourselves as a company which has an integrated service Internet marketing, and try not to focus on SEO as a panacea for all ills.

“White SEO» – search engine optimization, using approved methods to influence the algorithms that do not contradict the requirements of search engines.

“Black SEO» – search engine optimization prohibited methods: dorveestroitelstvo, cloaking, spam content, spam, external factors involved in the systems AutoExchange links and the like.

An increase in the popularity of SEO as a type of online business and speaks multiple largest increase in audience profile forum.searchengines.ru community over the past few years.