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Three-dimensional obturation of root canals. What is it? TERMAFIL or lateral condensation? Choice in terms of professionals.

To answer this question must be answered “Why do all you need to fill the root canals of teeth in some filling material? Can not we leave them all blank? “Unfortunately impossible. Completely empty channel or not tight or fully sealed is almost always istochikom infection that affects the surrounding tooth tissue. As you know, in the mouth “dwells” over 300 species of microorganisms. And the lack of root fillings leak allows all of the infection to penetrate the periapical tissue (tissue surrounding the root apex). Probably many have heard of such diagnoses and concepts as pereodontit cyst, granuloma, on pain arising from nakusyvanii on the tooth, the “puffy” cheeks and sleepless nights when pain medications do not bring relief. This is the result of poor root canal treatment.

Considering ways to treat pulpitis and pereodontita can note four methods of sealing, one of which segodnyaschy day is (and is probably even during the period of its application in the past is absolutely correct – approx. Authors) outdated and not meeting the requirements of modern dentistry. Its essence lies in the processing channels for cross-country and making the tooth resorcin-formalin paste (mixture). As a result, retgenovskom shot were often not visible dokontsa sealed or non-empty root canals. Learn more emergency dentist London. The service life of such teeth was not large enough. On average it was about three let.Osobenno this technique was widely prevalent in our country, because of the lack of adequate tools for the machining of channels, a small time limit regulations have been released Ministry of Health for the treatment of pulpitis or pereodontita and cheapness of expensive parts. Next technique is more perfect, but it is not without drawbacks. This canal filling with different pastes. As the advantages of this technique as in the following – it is completely covered and advanced root canal. Disadvantages – uneven and uncontrolled distribution of paste in the channel, the shrinkage (the material during solidification decreases in size and is mikrootryv root fillings from the walls of the tooth) and as a consequence – the lack of sealing the root canal.

Next on quality – this root canal filling with paste and guttaperchivyh pins (lateral condensation).

With this method, a channel in the tooth is obtained almost entirely filled with gutta-percha, and the paste spread thinly on the walls of the root and between introduced to completely fill the channel pin. This eliminates all of the above shortcomings of the previous methods and is one of the most common in segodnyaschy day.

Well, finally, the last technique. Canal filling with gutta-percha heated. The first system has been approved by many dentists and widespread clinical use due to ease of use, and good results of the treatment system was TERMAFIL. To understand the causes of what this method is better than all of the above, you need a little theory. The fact that a root canal in a tooth often has side branches that previous methods of sealing are left empty (so-called lateral canals, often at the root apex forming a network). Accordingly, the risk of complications listed earlier in this article vseravno remains. A system for fillings TERMAFIL lateral canals are often sealed, as the gutta-percha entered into the channel, the pre-filled paste of sealing under pressure. It is a filling and is called “three-dimensional obturation” and that these methods give the best quality treatment segodnyaschy day.