System inventory software

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The program «SV Invent» designed for inventory company computer network for installed software.

It is often necessary to track the ever-growing fleet of company computers, the composition of the software installed on your clients and generate reports:

- On what computers have some software.

- How many computers.

- What a load of me, as a specialist in a particular direction of IT, clients. Is not it time for me to hint about the increase to the salary for the increased fleet of computers that are running supported me a set of programs?

- The chief wants to get reports on the status of software in the network within 5 minutes – please! Learn more about system inventory software! – Start «SV Invent» and 5 minutes will get printed out a detailed report.

- During the inventory, if there are any computers are turned off, and all machines in a network of about 1000 – «SV Invent» prepare lists of inaccessible computer for later analysis.

- Do you carry out various types of inventory? Excellent – keep it in «SV Invent» all settings (ie – controlled branch of the registry) under each inventory separately.

- The program can work in normal mode (inventory a single computer), or in batch (inventory of computers).