Ways to save more money when you use a credit card

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Ways to save more money when you use a credit card

Convenience and safety content of money on the credit card has already assessed the majority of the population, up to pensioners receiving a pension by means of plastic cards. But few know that using a credit card can not only store and spend their cash, but also to successfully save money signs. Surprised? Do not believe me? Then we are ready to introduce you to some features of credit cards, saves money.

Cashing money in “their” ATM

Removing cash from ATMs owned bank serving the plastic card, the customer can rely on the issuance of money without lifting per cent service charge. But the withdrawal of “foreign” ATM can cost 0,3-3% of the sum withdrawn. But each bank has partner banks, at ATMs where you can withdraw cash, if not entirely free of charge, at least not too expensive. Learn about such partners clients can directly in his hometown bank.

Cashless payments

Save yourself from paying interest for cash withdrawals from a credit card can, if use the card for non-cash. To date, non-cash accounting system can be found in stores, which its daily purchases and at ATMs, where you can pay utility bills and make transfers of money. Learn more about no load mutual funds!

Ability to use the grace period

Virtually every major bank engaged in issuing credit cards, offers its clients an additional service – Grace period (grace period). During the grace period, the client is given the opportunity to use the money without paying interest on. Depending on the type of card grace period can last up to two months. Competent approach to the use of money and repayment of the loan allows the borrower to use funds of the bank is absolutely free. But before you take the money should be clarified in the creditor bank, which services are covered Grace period, as well as some privilege is not available for cash withdrawal.

Opportunity to refinance credit card debt

Amid the financial crisis, when a shortage of money was the number one problem, many clutching their any possibility to get money and get credit, sometimes agreeing to excessively high interest loans. This led to what people have to pay more fabulous sums on their loans, thus extinguishing the mostly interest only and not seeing the prospects of full payment. Today, many banks offer the service of refinancing debt, that is, borrowing money to pay expensive credit at more favorable interest rates. If there are several expensive loans there is a service of consolidation loans, through which you can get rid of some unprofitable commitments.

Opportunity to receive “Cashback”

This kind of bonus from the bank for using cards to pay for services or goods. The principle of “Cashback” is to return a certain amount back to the card upon payment. Of course, we are not talking about the fabulous sum – return of the order of 0,5-3%, depending on the internal policies of the bank. But as they say, a trifle, but nice. Some banks with these bonuses customer can pay for the bank’s partners – petrol, mobile phones, airline tickets, etc.

Opportunity to receive additional discounts on various goods

Such an opportunity is provided for cardholders through partnerships with banks and shops. For example, if your bank is cooperating with the household appliance stores and this store carries a discount program for customers of the bank, then you can count on a substantial discount for purchasing some household appliances. Well, if you have any more, and a discount card at the store, then save when you buy exceeds even the wildest expectations. Agree, 10.05% discount on the purchase of expensive household appliances – is a significant amount.

Control costs

Of course, bonuses, discounts and savings on interest – these are real ways to save, but not as significant as the tight control of its expenditures and the timely repayment of loan debt. Many large banks offer their customers a very useful service – a cost accounting in online. That is, each month the client has the opportunity to get to my e-mail a full report on the operations of his accounts. Thus, you can not only evaluate your monthly expenses, but carefully analyzing the report, develop a strategy for the economy and the implementation of reasonable expenses.

And yet – do not forget that your credit card can take, but they should be promptly put back in order to avoid fines, penalties and other adverse consequences of late payment of credit obligations.