If you work with “pay per click” you must know about “ad words”!

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Until now, I’ve never encountered this kind of earnings on systems Pay Per Click. But the fact that this topic exists, of course, heard.

Today I want to understand what a PPC, PPC and how the most important – as this can make.

The translation into Russian means Pay Per Click – pay-per-click. I start explaining from the outset that this even PPC and in the end it becomes clear why the name is – Pay Per Click, then there is a fee-per-click – this is important.

The purpose of each site is to attract traffic. I think everybody understands this, as the traffic, and this case is primary. Now I do not consider the different HS and other sites created by automatic means. We are interested in directly to the visitors who come to your site to take advantage of your services, buy something or order. That is to say, due to what the site brings to his vdadeltsu monetary gain or other benefits. So if you want learn about ad words visit Netpeak.net!

Usually, the main source of traffic to the site is a search engine, they provide a sufficient number of referrals to the site. But all would be too easy, if you created your site and immediately after the indexing on it began to move people from search engines. Usually, to achieve posescheamosti to promote your site, mortgage promotion budget, buy links, pay seo optimizer, which will work with your site. And only then, after a couple of months of hard work and if done correctly, the site will move visitors from search engines – Yandex, Google and others. After that, it is important that funds are spent on promotion pays off. Visitors are, one way or another, for example, buying equipment through the website or by using paid services of a site, they brought more money than is spent on promotion.

And now the actual alternative to this. To attract visitors to your site can use the services of so-called PPC (Pay Per Click) system. That is using the services of ppc traffic you will immediately attract traffic. The idea is that the systems have their own PPC paid search engines, in which the issue formed the basis of money that the site (advertisers) to pay for finding a specific position on a particular request. I think now everything becomes clear – that’s what.

As you have guessed such a paid search engine traffic is needed. And this traffic, they just get by webmasters who have their own sites and aim to “decant” the maximum amount of traffic on ppc affiliate program. Now we come to the heart.

Once the webmaster has led people to affiliate, he can either click on any advertisements, or to leave. That is, if the person on the client initially ads – Webmaster drops money. That is, in translation from English – “pay-per-click.”

There are some nuances that need to know. The most basic is – cost per click, because the prices are different and depend on various parameters – ranging from the geographical position of human rights and ending time of day. As well as the main defining criterion is the query itself. Because it can be such a popular request as viagra and accordingly for it to be a good price. Incidentally, there is a word bid – just it characterizes the CPC. On the Web can often be heard – this affiliate program is very high bids, it is now clear that it is.

And now the second part, more so to speak, a practical one. We, as webmasters are constantly looking for new topics for earnings. And one of these topics could be earning on ppc cores. That is, we need generates some way traffic and pouring it on a ppc affiliate program that’s getting the same ones previously mentioned large bids.