Let’s speak about tongue ring

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Let’s speak about tongue ring

However, just this kind of piercing brings considerable practical benefit. You know that if ever kissed a man who has pierced tongue. In addition, puncturing the language, you quickly and easily lose a few pounds – the first few days will have to eat only broth.

On two or three weeks you have lost your appetite. Almost certainly you significantly grow thin. And finally, the invisibility of body piercing is not always a disadvantage. University professors, teachers, bosses at work – all of these people do not always approve of your love for metal.

Tongue piercing is a fairly complicated procedure, so deciding on it, be sure to go to the salon. When non-professional approach is the risk of damage to blood vessels, leading to severe bleeding. Think about this disgusting, but will have to take into account – if you did not choke the blood, the blood loss can lead to death less than an hour! It is therefore not at risk.

Another danger that awaits you, even in the cabin – damage to taste buds. Perhaps you will cease to feel some of the flavors. However, none of my friends dared such an operation, no such notice.

Language can be pierced at the root, and another – closer to the tip. In the latter case, the piercing is more convenient to use in love games. True, the taste buds suffer more. However, the wizard selects the location of the puncture individually, considering anatonomicheskie features of each language. Learn more about tongue ring on Netpeak.net!

Some extremals are solved on the longitudinal puncture. Well … If you set a task to test himself on strength, or just inclined to masochism, this option is for you. Longitudinal body piercing is extremely painful, long and hard overgrown.

Better to install acrylic jewelry – metal, in contact with the teeth, can damage the enamel. You can install and titanium earring with acrylic balls.

Puncture often offer to do anesthesia. Well, such a measure would make the procedure less painful puncture. However, the pain may come long after the action of the spray end. Besides saying that his tongue harder than the pierced. Anesthesia is needed soon to ensure that you do not twitch during the procedure.

During the healing of the language you have to rinse your mouth with a special antiseptic liquid in the morning and evening, and after every meal. The drug should always be at hand. Do not hope to replace it with chewing gum!

Have to give up a few weeks from acute and acidic foods. Language badly swollen, and the first few days you will speak very vaguely.

Puncture in a language heals very quickly – within a few hours. So do not go without earrings – take it only when you need to replace it. Otherwise, all efforts in vain.