LED lamps – it’s a new generation of lighting technology!

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LED lamps – it’s a new generation of lighting technology!

They have excellent application properties such as durability and high efficiency, consume several times less electricity than traditional incandescent and uninterrupted work of over 50 000 hours.

Aluminum housing LED lamps, and in some models, bulb, made of high matte or transparent plastics have good impact resistance. LED backlighting and other lighting solutions, made on the basis of such lamps are different brightness, reliability, beauty and durability.

Distinguish: LED lamps with a standard cap E27 and E14, which can be screwed into an ordinary cartridge; LED lamps recessed MR16, PAR16 – substitutes of traditional halogen lamps, which are set vrazlichnye design fixtures. Learn more about LED Spot MR 16.

One of the solutions for general lighting is LED lamp socket T8 constructively made in the form of traditional fluorescent lamps.
They are widely used for lighting of commercial equipment, windows, interior office space and accommodation, and are the most cost-effective lighting solutions in areas such as hotel and restaurant business, engineering, maintenance and management of office complexes, urban utilities.

When you work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they significantly reduce operating costs and energy costs.