About Website Monitoring

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Website monitoring involves monitoring and analyzing the actions of visitors to the site with the tracking of dynamic changes.

We analyze the monitoring sites as an example of free service Google Analytics, provided by Google to see the statistics of visitors to the web sites.

To access Google Analytics Web site owner must register in the system, and then he gets all the opportunities a free account. Free version limited to 5 million page views per month (which is sufficient for the average owner of a web resource), and users pay a resource available to track an unlimited number of page views.

Learn more about web site monitoring! Google Analytics displays information about how visitors find your website and what do they do. It allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of online advertising and to determine how effective key requests in different search engines.

Google Analytics analyzes the queries made by users on the site through an internal search engine. With this feature, you can track what visitors are looking for on the site and what pages they perform the search.

Google Analytics also helps determine how visitors interact with a Web resource with Flash, AJAX and other types of multimedia content in Web 2.0 site.