How to choose a name for your child?

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Great importance when choosing a baby name is a month of his birth. Consider the features of a person’s character based on birth month.

Choose the name of a child born in winter.

Choose a name for newborns in December.

“December” people are characterized by high emotion, unbalanced, and hot-tempered on trifles, hardly hold himself when angry. And although they are well see its flaws, to understand the motives of a negative attitude towards themselves, but can not restrain himself. Their life consists difficult, they often get into trouble, can not and do not know how to live peacefully. In dire need of frequent changes of environment, social circle, do not tolerate monotonous lifestyle. Exposed to a nervous breakdown, depression. Very sexy.

Children born in December, it is best to call: Sergei, Michael, Alex, Andrew, Artem; Vera, Pauline, Natalia, Irina.
Least of all the December suit names: Nikolai, Dimitri, Anatoly, Stanislav; Alla, Alina, Tatiana, Elena.

Choose a name for births in January

“January” are patient people and the aged. All the troubles stoically endure, it is difficult to share even the most intimate friends. “January” women have a firm, a “male” character, secretive and self-sufficient. Proud and most valued independence. With these difficult family life because of their constant striving for leadership, but they are loyal wife, and always ready to support her husband. Moreover, “January” women kulinarki good, but I did not like to do the cleaning, make it out of necessity. “January” male: macho and fair people, they can rely on in difficult times. Resolute in their actions, they often behave cautiously, are prone to unnecessary risk. Bear with the weaker, respectful and attentive to women, are capable of forgiveness. Very proud to have a strong will. Wonderful family man. “January” children better be called “soft” names in order to neutralize their excessive strength of character and temper their arrogance.

Boys suit names: Gregory, Peter, Daniel, Ignat, Eugene, Ilya, Victor, Vladimir Vasiliev;
Girls: anise, Anastasia, Asya, Lyudmila, Love, Lily, Zoya, Irina, Natalia.

Choose a name for births in February

“February” people are stubborn, persistent and quite unbalanced, although unlike “December” are better able to control themselves. Nature of the complex, unpredictable, subject to a nervous breakdown. Very bold, not afraid of difficulties. Make decisions quickly, though often wrong. In contrast to the “January”, they are hard to forgive wrongs, are vindictive and vengeful. Do not tend to play in the nobility and generosity, and despise the weak. Too straightforward and selfish. By nature careerists, are capable of not very plausible actions to achieve goals, know how to manipulate people. They are characterized by lurching from one extreme to another. Love of children, their families, often more than three children.

They more than any other suit names: Arsenty, Maxim, George, Ivan, Timothy Alexander, Vitali, Valentine, Arcadia, Yefim; Anna, Joan, Svetlana, Rita, Irene, Natalie, Vera, Alice, Asya, Milena, Emma.
Undesirable “February” Children call Valery, Igor, Benjamin, Joseph, Vladlen, Rostislav, Nahum, Aron, Catherine, Zinaida, Veronica, Tamara, Margarita.


Choose the name of a child born in the spring

Choose a name for births in March

“The March” people are very sensitive and impressionable. It is hard to tolerate failure, and thus ill-promotes. If exhibit stubbornness, persistence, most often to their own detriment. They are cowardly, indecisive, thin-skinned. Believe that their life had not worked. Not for nothing that among the “March” people have a lot of losers and jealous. All my life they aspire to success, but still remain unrecognized. And if they are on the crest of the wave, then a short time, and fall for them means the collapse of all hopes. These “spring” people selfish and ambitious. They are irritable, sarcastic, good luck others perceive as their own defeat. Very boring, obsessed with similar complaints about the endless destiny. Suspiciousness, believe in superstitions, often refer to different predictions. Men: grumbling, they are hard to please, too squeamish. Women spend a lot of time at his toilet, pay great attention to their appearance for hours, spinning in front of a mirror before leaving home. Such children should be given the names of the firm to give the character more decisiveness, firmness, that the child felt confident.

They are more appropriate names: Daniel, Peter, Paul Fedor, Bogdan, Philip Gregory, Taras; Antonina, Evdokia, Ruslana, Seraphim, Stella, Stanislaus, Rostislav, Bronislaw, Soph.
Undesirable to be called “March” Children Sergei, Mikhail, Aleksei, Ilya, Victoria, Eugene, Basil; Tatiana, Elena, Catherine, Zinaida, Albina.

Choose a name for births in April

“April” people have a more solid character than “March.” They are persistent in achieving the goal, with courage and determination. This is despite the fact that they can not always fulfill themselves completely. They are practical and sensible. Material side of life excites them most. It is easy to promote, know what they want. Lucky enough, but too ambitious. In marriage, rely more on reason than on feeling. It is difficult to abandon their traditional way of life. For men the main stability and prosperity. He would rather endure unloved wife and live in a family where nobody needs him, than to destroy marriage, to exchange material goods for love. And here at “April” women related to family life is somewhat different. She cherishes its good relations with her husband, material well worth it for a second term. “April”, women are cheerful, witty, with every detail can find a reason for joy.

Born in April, better to give the names of: Cyril, Gabriel, Jacob, Mark Constantine, Alexander, Lydia, Dana, Mary, Karina, Sabina.

Choose a name for births in May

“May” men of principle and uncompromising, domineering and demanding. Women are determined, vindictive, do not forgive insults. Can instantly break the connection, it is easy to go to a divorce, although later regret. With women, born in May, it is difficult to create strong family, they tend to lead, not tolerate opposition. Especially those with a middle name differs Alla M. and A.. They are only interested in material wealth, and bad relationships with their spouse, they are easy to find fun on the side. Men born in May are a good family man, able to provide for his family and force to reckon with it. They are even and strong character, but the family more pliable than with outsiders. Too sensitive to women’s tears, complaints, failures. Always ready to help the weaker sex, and because of that often fall into a mess. People born in May, more than any other suit names: A., David, Cyril, Herman, Makar, Evdokia, Faina, Julia, Claudia, Alexandra, Irina, Alex, Alan.


Choose the name of a child born in the summer

Choose a name for newborns in June

“The June” people are very vulnerable, insecure. Careful in his actions, reinsurers. Kind and sympathetic, but too cowardly to fight something or someone. From nature have many talents, practical, enterprising. They often ask for advice, moral support. With close friends are very reserved in expressing their feelings, but with strangers may be more open. Avoid conflicts with the “June” some men are cowardly, spineless in personal matters. But they are successful in advancing their careers, happy in love, truth, often outside the family. Amorous, fond of, but not for long. Do not tolerate morals, and do not like to teach. Very clean, to disgust. Women are able to create a cozy home, and men will do anything to the family did not need the material.

The most appropriate name for such people: Constantine, Dimitri, Roman, Valerie, Igor and Mary, Martha, Helen, Zinaida, Stanislaus, Simon, Seraphim, Rice, Tamara.

Choose a name for newborns in June

Unstable nervous system, impatience, selfishness, irritability, the characteristic feature of the July people. Too proud and independent. Egoists. Weakness, can not refuse to friends, easily ruin oneself by drink (usually this applies to men). Women: want to be a leader, trying to lead a spouse often complain about the fate of loved ones, openly talk about the troubles in the family. They are hard to please, they are always dissatisfied with something. Men are pretty good-natured, rollicking and often make mistakes. Gullible, naive with respect to women. Betrayed once in their feelings, become hardened bachelors. Silently endure all the trouble, do not like to complain about his fate. Only to whom they can pour out their souls, so it’s her mother, she is closer in spirit to all of them.

For those born in July of suitable names: A., Adrian, Vyacheslav, George, Ignat, Makar, Nikita, Edward, Anthony, Alla, Alexander, Daria, Lyudmila, Sophia, Kaleria, Elizabeth, Valeria.

Choose a name for births in August

Increased emotional, energetic, stubborn. Rapid in action, but cautiously. Do not tolerate slow people, they annoy them. “The August” women are confident in their abilities, placability, but suspicious. The family leaders. They are good mistresses, but does not cook very much. Men: sensitive nature, family relations are compliant. Are seldom happy in the first marriage. Not tolerate the pressure and criticism, very irritable, are just waiting for praise and recognition. Very jealous, though they are rarely faithful husbands. Vulnerable, require increased attention as children.

Born in August are best names: Hleb, Moses, Nicholas, Prokhorov, Julian, Guri, Evdokia, Ephraim, Zahar Elizar, Alexander, Isaac, Anna, Maria, Anfisa Olympics, Julia, Margaret, Tamara, Tatiana.


Choose the name of a child born in the autumn

Choose a name for newborns in September

People are quick-tempered, emotional, purposeful. Love to make gifts, but not too generous in other respects, not in vain and will spend a dime. Try to look into the eyes of others spender, but without taking into account their interests seldom do. Very prudent. Proud of. Women are more worried about themselves than about the spouse, the men also are able to provide for his family, but he never hurt himself. They do not mind losing a large sum, but if the husband without his knowledge acquires an expensive dress, he will accuse her of excessive spending. “September” people love to friendly companies, but never missed their profit, even if it is to the detriment of his closest friends. It is difficult to pay their debts, often simply forget about them. Do not tolerate scenes of jealousy, in such cases will do everything out of spite. ‘re Very jealous. Women are impatient, very independent. In the morning enjoy a long sleep, often late for work, making it the norm. However, they are beautiful mistress of the house they all sparkle. Love and know how to cook. Men too amorous, but cautious when it comes to marriage.

Such people more than other names fit: Denis Miron, Zahar, Roman, Jacob, Hilary, Paul, Anatoly, Ivan, Ephraim, Gennady, Hleb, Anna, Ariadne, Raisa, Lyudmila, Faith, Hope, Sophia, Love, Elizabeth.

Choose a name for newborns in October

Required, but only in cases when it comes to work. With friends, they say, to be binding is not always possible. Love to invent, witty. Enterprising. Disinterested in friendly relations, but in matters of financial and practical care. Generous. Do not rush to conclusions, do not take hasty decisions, try to listen to as many different opinions on which to build their point of view. Always act in its sole discretion, authority for them are a few very close friends. Women are fundamental, objective. Have a good memory, it is easy to make a career not forgive treachery and betrayal. Try by all means keep the family together. The family leaders and they rarely rely on the support of a spouse. Men are practical, prudent, several costive. Do not tolerate criticism, the family is very economic.

Well chosen names for them will be: Alexander, trophies, Michael, Innocent, Vladislav, Herman, Sergey, Slava, Basil, Mark Gregory, Vladimir, Guri, Nikita, Kirill, Philip, Zlata, Zoe, Olga, Zinaida, Sophia, Oleg , Vasilisa, Alexandra.

Choose a name for births in November

Too prudent, for the sake of material gain are ready for indiscretions. There are selfish, envious. These people are mean for all, stingy, even for close friends. But nothing for himself regret: can on the last of his money to go to rest, although then the family will live long enough to eat. Women narcissistic, sleazy, selfish. In the family, they are leaders, not considered to be the opinion of the spouse, often changing them, not even attempting to conceal it. Illegible in the partners lust. Men themselves choose spineless, and so have a lot to endure from his wife. Men are subject to frequent depressions, nervous breakdowns. By the choice of a name must be approached very cautiously.

It is undesirable to give the names: A., Dimitri, Nicholas; Tatiana Margarita, Marina, Catherine: negative traits will be exacerbated.
Only the names listed below, you can improve the character of “November”: Maxim, Bogdan, Terence, Konstantin, Artem, Zinovy, Mark, Valerie, Gabriel, Victor Valentine, Gregory, Philip Lazarus, Michael, Elena, Cleopatra, Capitolina, Efrosinya , Claudia, Eugenia, Nastasia, Mary, Elizabeth, Natalia, Irina, Vera.

How to choose a name for your were born in winter:

Men choose a name

Avdyei Alex Alexander Andrew Anzor Aristarchus Arkady Arsene Arnaud Arseni Artem Athanasius Boleslav Bojan Boris Valentin Valery Valerian Benjamin Victor Gabriel Gregory Vitali Guri Daniel Eugene Yefim Jean Zahar Ivan Ivar Ignatius Ilya Brakly Isai Charles Cyril Leo Leon Klim Leonti Lubomir May Maxim Marat Matthew Miron Miroslav Michael Murat Nathan Oleg Paul Simon Peter Seraphim Sergei Timothy Theodore Erast Jury

Women choose a name

Alain Love Alice Marianne Amir Marina Anna Mirra Ariadne Mikhailin Asya Natalia Bella Natella Bogdan Nica Barbara Nona Vera Nora Veta Victoria Oksana Olesya Vitaly Paul Galina Polina Gayane Raisa Gemma Gretta Rose Svetlana Julia Sylvia Dean Snezana Eva Stella Zoe Faina Yvon Christa Irina Ed Ia Ella Larissa Elmira Les Jaroslav Leah

How to choose a name for your were born in the spring:

Male choose a name

Augustine Rafik Amadeus Rostislav Andrzej Spartak Aristarchus Stanislav Askold Telman Bolesław Bronisław Fidel Vladlen Timur Filimon Harry Christ George Edgar Zahar Edman Ludvig Julius Max Yacoub Merab January Mstislav Jaromir Oscar Yaroslav Radom

Women choose a name

Aza Guzel Angela Golden Annette Ilona Bette Katrina Wang Miroslaw Wladyslaw Modest Gabriella Monica Gertrude Nancy Neonilla Rostislav Novella Ruzanna Nora Stanislaus Ognessa Florida Odette Frederick Peacock Evelyn Rohm Emmanuel Justin Wren

How to choose a name for your were born in the summer

Men choose a name

Augustine Gleb Avtondil Gordi Adam Gordon Allan Guram Alfred Demian Anatoly Dmitry Adrian Arnold, Jean Georges Aron Ignat Bogdan Kazimierz Bogumir Kim Vaja Constantine, Waldemar Makar Mark Walter Willie Mstislav Vyacheslav Murat George Nikita Herald Nukzar Herman Oscar Radomir Telman Ratmir Tigran Raphael Thaddeus Renat Felix Robert Christian Rodion Caesar Roman Rolland Ewald Edward Rostislav Emil Emmanuel Ruslan Svetoslav Ernest Solomon Jozef Stanislaw Julian Taras Jacob

Women choose a name

Alexandra Helen Elizabeth Alla Angelina Yesenin Antonin Jeanne Borislav Josefina Valeria Zemfira Helena Isabella Georgina Isolda Gera Ilona Gretta Inara Daria Inessa Juliet Kaleria Diana Camilla Eugenia Caroline Catherine Catherine Karina Roxana Cristina Rostislav Xenia Ruzan Laura Sabina Leonilla Santa Lydia Sarah Ludmila Sophia Lucian Stanislaus Maria Teresa Tatiana March Olga Florentina Rebecca Francoise Julia Renata Rimma Juno

How to choose a name for your were born in autumn

Men choose a name

Avdyei Benjamin Azat Victor Akim Vladimir Alexander Vyacheslav Alex Gennady Andrew Gerasimos Anton Herman Arseniy Gleb Bejan Bogdan Daniel Gregory Dmitri Boris Emelyan Nikita Yermolai Paul Ibrahim Rodion Ignat Samuel Hilarion Svetoslav Joseph Sergei Isai Simon Claudius Stakhov Leon Timothy Leonti Felix Makarios Czeslaw Myron Ernest Michael Yury Micah Yakim Mstislav Yang

Women choose a name

Augustine Juliet Aurora Dora Adelia Elizabeth Alina Alisa Golden Yvonne Anna Ela Anfisa Uilani Ariadne Iya Wanda Cyrus Vasilisa Vera Louise Love Vilhena Ludwig Vladlena Ludmila Damir Maja Medea Santa Miroslav Seraphim Hope Susanna Natalia Taisiya Tamil Nona Nora Teresa Olga Fatima Christian Peacock, Patricia Evelyn Rice Emilia Rima Joseph Rosalia Julia Rufima Jaroslav Sabina

Feature Name

“Tenacious” or “cat” names: Kate, John, Joe, Galia, Oksana. People with names ending in consonants, more self-contained. The letter “w” in the name indicates how quiet, prudent, hard of hearing, accurate.