Diving – Walking

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Diving – Walking

The diving areas of Sao Tome and Principe have not yet been developed. Divers will in the future find a new world here (it is possible to become a member of the “Equator Diving Club” under certain conditions).

The islands of Sao Tome and Principe offer the diver an unusual wealth of different fish. The sighting of large fish, rays and sea turtles can be guaranteed. Snorklers too will have a great time (e.g. in the Lagoa Azul or at Ilhйu Santana). The Hotel Miramar has a diving compressor for filling at the Hotel ( USD 8 ) and can arrange boat transportation if required.

Since 2001 a holiday-resort is built at the equator-island “Ilheu Rolas”. There is also a fully equiped diving base professionally run by Mr. Luis Martines. Divers will be brougt by boat to the most beautifull diving places at the island. Diving with professional equipment costs 40 USD per person and diving. You can either come to the diving center by boat or along the coastroad to Port Alegre (1 1/2 hour by Jeep – good road) an then brought over to the island “Ilhas Rolas” by boat. Reservations can by made by Fax 00239 12 66196.

Suitable footwear must be taken for jungle and mountain walking (Pico Sao Tome, 2024 m). The ascent of Pico Sao Tome (two days, with one overnight stop, some alpine conditions!) should only be made with a guide. The mountain ascent in the nature reserve passes through several climate zones in the mist shrouded tropical jungle and offers incomparable sights of trees and plants. Learn more about Eastern Region or Counties MEP!

The jungle of Sao Tome was classified in 1988 by the “International Scientific Association” as one of the two most important jungles of this type in Africa due to its plant variety. Of the 700 local plant types, about 100 of these are only found in Sao Tome and Principe, including a begonia that grows up to 3 m high, and unique orchids.

The bird life is one of the natural wonders of the country: out of the 55 species here, 15 occur only in this place in the world and thus are some of the rarest birds in the world. The Sao Tome “Grosbeak” has only been seen twice, in 1888 and in 1991!

This unique jungle is being protected for the benefit of later generations in an exemplary manner by the ECOFAC program, financed by the European Union. In particular, ECOFAC provides knowledgeable jungle guides. It goes without saying that due to the tropical location and the wealth of water and jungle, and as in all tropical countries, protection against malaria is recommended as a minimum. Therefore, please contact your doctor in good time before your trip.