Apartments and flats for rent in Saint Petersburg…

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Apartments and flats for rent in Saint Petersburg…

St. – Petersburg – one of the most beautiful European cities. “Northern capital” – it can say open-air museum, as well as the embodiment of Russian history over the past three hundred years. During this time he experienced 11 emperors, three of the revolution, blockade, flood, St. – Petersburg able to surprise even the most sophisticated traveler.

Our company carries out the reception of Russian and foreign tourists in St. – Petersburg. According to statistics from attending the “northern capital” is increasingly prefer to stay not in hotels and in private homes. This is not surprising: in our homes clean, cozy, European repair and rental prices from 2500 rubles for rent on Nevsky Prospekt, as well as the selection of individual tours, which are developed by our managers, taking into account all the wishes of the client.

If necessary, you will meet and conduct a car at the airport or railway station, quickly deliver the tickets to the Mariinsky theater or any other, will order and deliver your tickets for trains and planes, will provide a car with a chauffeur, will reserve space in any hotel of the world, will be offered visits to museums and suburbs of St. Petersburg. We offer tours that will open you the beauty of St. Petersburg, not only walking and boat trips on the Peter, but these are unusual, as the night Petersburg, familiarity with nightlife, culinary Petersburg and t.d.Osoboe attention is paid to safety and comfort of leisure travelers . Accommodation in apartments and boarding house – a guarantee of your safety and security.

Fundamental aspects, answering the question “flats in Saint Petersburg or to rent a room in a hotel”, the following:

– Renting an apartment will come much cheaper than renting hotel rooms in the same level. Renting an apartment on Nevsky costs from $ 150-250 per day, while the number in the “Nevsky Palace on Nevsky Prospekt from $ 500. All our apartments are located in the historic downtown, where you can find a room only in 4-5 star hotel;

– All our apartments, you can choose online

– The interior of our apartments are handed over to the daily rental, individual, and you can always choose a flat taste;

– Unlike hotels and mini-hotels, at the time of renting an apartment you have at your disposal a separate apartment with kitchen, bathroom, toilet, extra bed for guests feel at home away from him!;