Beaches of Arrábida

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Beaches of Arrábida

Standing like a sheer green wall above the Atlantic, the Serra da Arrábida shelters small sandy bays where the sea has many colours.

At Arrábida, the point where the mountains meet the sea has given rise to a string of small, welcoming beaches. The sea here is green and blue, and in spite of the vast expanse of ocean that you’ll find in front of you, it has almost no waves at all.

Portinho da Arrábida is one of the most beautiful of these beaches, a bay with extremely white sand, framed by the green of the mountains. This is just one of the beaches of the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park, where many rare and very ancient plant species are to be found amidst the splendour of the vegetation.

At the beach, dive into the sea and explore the immense wealth of unique fauna and flora hidden in the clear water around the Pedra da Anixa, just as many other divers from all over the world have done. You can read more information, just visit real estate websites!!! And, as the day draws to a close, when the sun begins to disappear behind the mountain ridge, you’ll feel like enjoying a stew of the fine, locally caught fish or some of the subtly-flavoured red mullet from Setúbal, accompanied by one of the region’s excellent white wines.