Romantic landscapes

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Romantic landscapes

Invite a good friend, a loved one, or even a new flame to one of the many magical places in Portugal.

We want to share our finest landscapes with you. Like the ones that take your breath away in the Douro valley. Or you could not invite a loved one to discover the mystery of our forests: Buçaco, with its magnificent hotel, or Sintra, which boasts the Lawrence Hotel, the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula.

Appreciate our romantic heritage by hiding away in one of Pousadas de Portugal’s comfortable medieval castles.

Learn about some of our famous love stories. Take the fountain at the Quinta das Lágrimas (Estate of Tears) for instance, where the beautiful Inês de Castro wept over her tragic love for D. Pedro I of Portugal.

Amid the exotic vegetation of the island of Madeira, seek out the Quinta da Casa Branca or da Bela Vista, and stroll through their wonderful gardens.

And further into the Atlantic you’ll find the islands of the Azores, situated in the area where the mythical island of Atlantis was said to have been. throwing knives! You’ll find lush meadows and flourishing hydrangeas, while on the island of São Miguel there’s a stunning blue and green lake. Its waters are said to have come from the tears shed by a green-eyed prince and a blue-eyed princess.

All of these secret, private hideaways are yours to enjoy. They are places where you won’t feel like a tourist – you’ll feel like a friend.