How to find cheap airline tickets?

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If you regularly watch out for the prices of airline tickets, you have probably already noticed that the prices for the same flight are constantly changing. Why is this happening?

Ticket price is dependent on the tariff, on the same flight may be sold and ten and twenty different tariffs at prices that differ from each other in 2, 3 or more times. The only difference between a tariff on another – the conditions of use (the date of redemption of the ticket, the possibility of exchange or cancellation, etc.).

How to buy cheap airline tickets?

First of all, a regular watch airline deals. If a flight for any reason badly filled, the airline sells tickets at discounted prices. Learn about the campaign can be subscribing to the airline. But always remember that discounted tickets are too severe, you can not pass or change. Learn more about авиабилеты в Европу.

Rely on the sale is not worth it if the popular route and has no competitors, make discounts on airfare to the carrier does not pay. As well buy a cheap air ticket in this case?

To book tickets there are a few rules that everyone should know the passenger:

Buy your tickets in advance. It is desirable for 2-3 months, but in some areas even before. For example, cheap tickets to popular ski resorts buy back 6 months earlier.

Return flight plan at least 7 days, or at least subject to rule Saturday night (rule “Sunday”), ie, at the destination you have to spend the night from Saturday to Sunday. This rule was introduced in order to separate the passengers on ordinary travelers and those who fly in trips and therefore has the ability to pay more.

Try not to become attached to certain dates. Ticket price depends on the departure date. See price tickets and / or arrival of a few days earlier or later.

Fly instead. Generally, tickets with change significantly cheaper direct flights. Moreover, the longer the transplant, the cheaper the ticket will be. Do not be afraid of long transplants, many European and Asian airports offer transfer passengers free city tours and other activities.

Many people wonder where to buy tickets, the airline or the agent? Choose, of course, to you, but remember that the airline sells tickets only on its own flights and partners. Ticket agent, for example, cooperates with more than 250 airlines and can sell tickets to anywhere in the world.