Satellite monitoring of transport

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Satellite monitoring of transport – a system of monitoring of mobile objects, built on the basis of satellite navigation systems, equipment and technology provider, and / or radio communication, computing, and digital maps. Satellite monitoring of transport is used to solve the problems of transport logistics in transportation management systems and automated fleet management system.
Principle of operation

It works by tracking and analyzing spatial and temporal coordinates of the vehicle. There are two options for monitoring: online – with remote transfer of information and coordinate offline – information is taken on arrival at the control point.

Installed on the vehicle mobile unit consisting of: a satellite receiver modules, storage and transmission of coordinate data. Software mobile module receives coordinate data from the receiver signal, stores them in storage module and possibly passes through the transfer module. Learn more about gps tracking system for cars.

Transmission module can transmit data using wireless networks of mobile operators. These data are analyzed and to the monitor as text or using cartographic information.

In the offline option, the remote transmission of data is missing. This allows the use of cheaper mobile modules and refuse services for mobile operators.

Satellite monitoring of Transport is responsible for:

Control over the proper use of transport. Check the validity of the route traveled by the vehicle, stopping point, speed, fuel consumption, while the mechanisms.
Control of movements. Map defined control areas, they are given clear title. For example, a car park, the Central Market, shop number 41, number 7, and parking etc. Verified crossing time zone boundaries. The report may be submitted either by using map information, and as text. Text report facilitates the integration of the monitoring system with other applications.
Collecting Statistics and route optimization. After analyzing the route covered, for speeding and fuel consumption, the dispatcher can develop new, more efficient ones.
Security. Knowing the location allows you to quickly find hijacked or was in trouble vehicle. Special purpose vehicles, taxis can be equipped with a hidden button, or press the up which sends an alarm signal to the control center. In addition, some terminals for satellite monitoring can operate in GSM-alarm, that is reported to the server center information in the case of activation of the standard alarm.
Driver assistance in choosing the route on the ground. Knowing the location of the vehicle, the dispatcher can advise the driver to route traffic in an unfamiliar area.