Martin Hormut: Secrets of successful development and management of real estate

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Martin Hormuth name often appears next to another famous among the developers and real estate professionals named class de Lux – Eli Alroy (Eli Alroy). Many years of close collaboration with Eli Alroem imprint on how Hormut Martin leads his projects – whether at home, apartments, hotels, and even land and industrial facilities. Martin knows how to upset the city’s infrastructure to make it keep up with the pace of construction of residential buildings, as well as how to turn an ordinary hotel in a luxury four or five star hotel.

One of the main ideas of Martin Hormuta – the introduction of innovative technologies that make life easier, and life – saturated. Much attention is paid to the comfort of the client. When a company builds Martin Hormuta apartment complex – there is no doubt that it will be located on solid land, surrounded by century-old trees, because, according to experts, this is exactly what you need to get people feel comfortable. If it acquires land for construction of the hotel or take up the transformation of the old building, built to the same end, everyone knows that soon this place will be a luxury hotel, where everything is left to chance – and outside, and inside. Learn more about Martin Hormuth.

Kiev has already had the opportunity to assess the professionalism of a man named Martin Hormuth – he owns the concept of the business center Rialto, located in the old part of town, in Podol. As noted by the developer himself, this facility meets the highest standards of buildings of class B + practicality of planning and technical equipment of the center and give it a class A prevents only that it is located in an area traditionally related to the industrial zone.

In an interview, the developer said on its priorities, which is to build the structures of European quality at affordable prices for the Ukrainians. At the same time, new buildings should fit into a number of old houses and did not disturb the harmony of the heart of Kiev. In this case, according Hormuta, is the fundamental difference between the ordinary and the elite real estate: you have to build, not square meters, and a work of art!

Martin now owns PHL, which continues the noble tradition of real estate market in Eastern Europe. Hence, we should expect in this market of new interest.