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The social studies exam involves setting with 9, which requires graduate essay writing.
Essay – prose work of a small amount and free composition, which expresses the individual opinion on a particular issue.

This form of testing knowledge is activated not only in the social studies exam, but also in other academic disciplines.

It is in the essay the student can express their views on topical issues, develop their creative abilities, demonstrate knowledge of the basic course, to apply their knowledge in new situations.

However, essay writing is the most difficulty in students, and the analysis of EGE shows a rather low level of this job. Among other things, in the pedagogical community, there are different ideas about how it should look like an essay and how to properly evaluate not have a system work on the formation of skills of writing essays. Learn more about term papers.

Based on the experience of teaching, we can distinguish common mistakes when writing an essay:

- Misunderstanding of remarks

- The disclosure statement does not make sense in a given context, meaningful, lengthy diversion from the topic

- The lack of structuring the presentation

- The use of rhetoric rather than argument

- Lack of own position

- There is no reliance on theoretical knowledge.

Let’s compare the testing criteria essay on Russian language and social studies.

Russian language

Social Studies

K1. The problem statement text.

K1. (2 points) Disclosure sense told

K2. Commenting on the problem, formulated by the author.

K2. (1 point) The presentation and explanation of his position.

K3. Understanding of the author.

K4. Bringing the two arguments (one of the artistic, journalistic or scientific literature)

K3. (2 points) Enforcement of judgments and arguments, building on theoretical concepts, findings, factual information (number of arguments is not limited)

K5. Semantic integrity

If the graduate received by K1 0 points, the answer is not checked further.

K6. The accuracy and expressiveness of speech.

K7-K12. Literacy.

As we see, the testing criteria essays are similar enough that allows teachers of different disciplines to work together to prepare for essay writing, specific to a particular discipline.

Possible to identify common requirements for writing an essay:

Compliance statements within the meaning of the text of the essay
A correct understanding of the author sense told
Disclosure issues at a theoretical level (using the concepts of theoretical positions, cause – effect relationship, sources)
Presentation of the student’s personal position, the argument of this position with the facts of social life and personal social experience.
Logic reasoning, speech coherence and consistency.
Compliance of the Russian language.
General conclusions.

Essays on social topics are aphorisms of different authors, which can cause controversy and to encourage discussion.