Dedicated Server

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Dedicated server – a type of hosting where provided with a separate physical machine for the server. Server has its own disk space, memory, CPU, and other resources, often separate, external traffic. Is used to run applications that can not coexist on the same server with other projects or have high resource requirements.

Applies to:

- In business software:

Network Security
The database server can reside on a single machine to a hacker gaining root on the Web server, could seriously damage the database (as he will be allowed not all SQL, but only a set of stored procedures through which do great harm simply impossible).

Unloading PC
Assume that the database server uses less computer resources that no web server or FTP-server on the machine to run anymore. Then the computer on which the database server only, and will be called a dedicated server. Learn more at

Ensuring continued access
If the database and web server will be located on different machines, when performing maintenance work on a web server, users will have access to the database.

- In computer games:

Dedicated server is called multiplayer games in which the player is not sitting. On a separate computer network game server is transferred for such purposes:

Unloading PC
In most games, the “game” server provides a stable game only five or six players, further increases ping and frame rate drops on the server. To unload a computer, install a dedicated server.

Playing field
A dedicated server is used as a permanent working platform for online play. That is, anyone can connect to the server and play on it.

Judging of the competition
In competitions in computer games to “play” the server and the client to connect to it often in unequal conditions. A dedicated server is one additional computer, but puts players in the playing field. However, one computer can have multiple dedicated servers (through a different port). Also dedicated server simplifies officiating.