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Writing articles for the site – as, indeed, and for other purposes – without a doubt, the lot of professionals. On the other hand – why would you, as the owner of the resource, not independently test in copywriting? After all, no one knows better than you the goals and tasks of the texts. We try to create content on a site, then read with fresh eyes written … and understand: not that. However, do not despair: it is impossible to be an expert in everything. Need to edit the text – and for this you will need the services of a copywriter.

What is editing

In fact, in any text editing needs – even the most brilliant. The author could easily miss replays and other stylistic flaws. And professional writer is not determined by the presence or absence of edits, and only their volume. Learn more about order editing and proofreading services.

Editing text is different. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, proper coordination plagues – is proofreading. If in addition the design change phrases, the text is in readable form – it is a literary editing. And when you change the structure of the article, it introduces new information, and the frequent presence of removed – it’s deep editing, bordering on rewriting. Actually, the amount of editing and cost of the service is determined by the copywriter.

How do I find the editor

So you, as an intelligent man, you know what site content must be literate and interesting. You already have the content in the site, but it needs editing. This requires a copywriter, not only has the absolute literacy, but also skilled in editing. How to find a performer?

First, take the portfolio of copywriter any text and “run” it through the spell check service. Illiteracy will be visible immediately.

Second, look for a professional with a bright author’s style, or your content on the site will cause the reader a desire to yawn and lie down to sleep.

Third, if you need to add the content of a site selling item – need a copywriter with experience in this matter. To evaluate the expert – read all the text as a consumer. You want to buy a product or of displayed use the service? If so – then a professional is worth the money, which asks for their work.

Need copywriter for editing text? I have extensive experience proofreading and stylistic edits, as well as a deep word processing.

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