How to choose a rent car

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Sooner or later, there is a need to select car rental. Damage to your car, not having a car, or just long trip that your car can not make it necessary to move to rent a car. For those who still have a horseless – rent a car in Barnaul is the best solution. After all, it does not need to invest in an expensive purchase, and tour the city or Altayskoum edge will be right at the moment.

But there are some rules to be followed when there is a desire to rent a car.

1. If you need to rent a car the driver must be at least 21 years, and the driving experience more than one year. For the paperwork to rent a car you will require a driver’s license, passport and the availability of funds.
2. Reservation is to be done in advance, but the payment is made directly in the lease. Before this, it is recommended independently inspect the car’s appearance, noting the scratches on the body part or cracked and chipped glasses. After renting from you may be required to pay for repair of the machine.
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3. Try to scrutinize the lease. There are two kinds of car rental: for limited and unlimited mileage. Choose the one that best for you.
4. Trust only proven companies. If you have to leave the car in a different city – ask, is there a branch office in this city.

Once all of these items will be considered and settled with the company – rent a car in Barnaul cease to be a big problem for you.