How to choose a VoIP phone?

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Choosing a VoIP-phone that is suitable for you. Options for choosing VoIP-phone: type phone system, VoIP provider, congestion and phone options.

VoIP-phone is also known as a SIP-phone, or else it is called a softphone (softphone).

It allows users to make calls to any other softphone, mobile or landline phone, using the sound transmission of speech by IP (VoIP).

Moreover, the voice is through the Internet rather than through the PSTN – regular telephone networks.

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To select a VoIP phone, first of all, it is advisable to pay attention to the type of your existing phone system and VoIP providers. Learn more about voip providers in usa.

Given the development of common protocols and open technologies, you can decide that any IP-phone can work with every phone system or every IP-provider. In reality it is not. That’s why the choice of phone, check compatibility.

The next stage of selection depends on who will be using VoIP-phone, that is, of the duties performed or wishes of a person using the phone – he would need a specific set of functions.

Manager of a company, for example, probably will want to have the best phone of the latest model with all the options that are possible. At the same time, the Secretary will be quite the phone with the ability to handle multiple calls.

I must say that most of the users IP-phones suit standard functions, such as call waiting, call conference, call hold, call forwarding, etc. Pay attention to such features as speakerphone, large display or the ability to install extensions.

An important issue is the choice of the number of calls received at the same time, because it affects the number of lines that your Ai Pi phone must have.

So, if the simple presence of the employee is enough 3-5-lines, the Secretary, the operator or administrator will need to more than 10.

Note that if the phone will work all day, it is best to look at the more expensive and high quality models. A good model for a long time, and the phone works very reliably. That is, you get what you pay for.

The next step – understanding that, whether you need IP-phone with router function. There are a number of offices, where each workstation is equipped only one Ethernet port.

So, when installing IP-phone will have to share a single port to a computer.