How to buy an apartment.

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How was it that a section on buying an apartment and how to get a mortgage, appeared on the website, the substance of which is devoted to the relationship between man and woman. The reason for this is that the presence or absence of a particular property – is directly related to happiness and personal development of men and women.

Where cause of women by men, or where to meet a woman with a man, the question that arises before 80% of young families and not just the young. And if you live or you can just meet at the home of the parents, there is a question about how much they interfere with family life and how they interfere with maturation of his “baby” when sharing accommodation? As a rule, parents intervene in family life, and quite strongly. Or maybe you already have a property, his own apartment, but it is small and it seriously affects family relationships.

In my case, a happy family life is very dependent on the purchase of an apartment. His parents help with money and advice hindered my adult life, and interference in family life – hindered my family happiness. Perhaps they wanted the best, but who was living with her new family and the family of parents, surely understand me. Learn more about real estate directory.

Someone may say, but what is difficult to buy a flat? Like, take the money and buy. If your life, things that way, then, of course, take the money and buy it. And if the money is not enough? If wages do not allow to save money? And if the banks do not give loan (how to get a mortgage, here), and the reluctance pay interest? And if the parents did not agree to the exchange? And if, if, if … In my life and in the lives of the vast majority of my friends before you buy an apartment there is a lot of questions. And it happens that stumbled on one or two issues of “what if”, the purpose of buying an apartment at first postponed for an indefinite period, and then generally forgotten.

Therefore, in the “Real Estate Property Articles” would gradually appear articles, which I hope will answer all your questions. I will give a few dozen examples of how different people in different situations to find answers to questions and bought the property.

What exactly will be the articles in:
First. The section on the proper goal setting. As to believe that buying a property is possible if the money is not enough, even now? How to convince my parents and wife of the need to set a goal and buy an apartment? How to put a goal that can be achieved? How to understand and assess how achievable it planned purchase of a property for you or not? How not to throw goal midway or even when to buy an apartment, only one step? Common Errors in setting goals that usually destroy all the good beginnings. This is certainly one of the main sections to achieve the goal – buying an apartment.

Second. How to earn money for an apartment? Typically, one of the first questions before buying an apartment is: to raise money for the exchange or part exchange for a down payment on the loan. And for this it is necessary to make money and to save. The easiest way to save money – is to increase your income. However, few are willing to take ownership of their business, and not all of it out. There are many ways to increase revenue without having to give up the work. On the basic of them, easily applicable by most people and I will talk to in the section “How to make money.” Of course, it is often necessary to cut costs as well, at least not much.

Third. Basic strategy of buying an apartment, their advantages and disadvantages. Before a person makes plans to buy an apartment (not necessarily in writing), he must choose for themselves and their situation under one or more policies. Key strategies include:
– Direct purchase apartments. This is when you just take the money and store and buy an apartment.
– Exchange of apartments with an additional charge. You or the parents sell your existing flat, pay extra money and buy another large apartment or two apartments.
– Exchange of apartments and surcharge on credit. You sell an apartment, take a normal loan and buy another apartment.
– Purchase order to get a mortgage. You make a down payment, take a loan and buy an apartment. I recommend reading the article “How to get a mortgage.”
These are the main strategies in order to buy property. All are usually confined to one or more strategies.

Fourth. How to get a mortgage? This strategy requires a more detailed presentation because of its complexity and ambiguity.
– How to get a mortgage, when it did not give?
– How to calculate benefits or no mortgage, or better to use other strategies? It may be better to rent an apartment and many other things.