The popularity of online flash games

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Of all the computer games the most common and popular are the online flash games. But until recently, few flash games taken seriously, because the leaders of the gaming industry have been on a variety of video game consoles. Every day more and more people are connecting to the Internet. There is a gradual movement of the entertainment industry to the World Wide Web. Flash games are one of the main directions of development of the Internet gaming industry.

Flash games are a short little computer games that are created using a unique, relatively new technology Flash. The rapid development of technology allows you to make Flash game even more interesting and sophisticated. According to specialists in the industry, will soon be set up fully interactive flash games.
About flash games on Flash Flash igrahTehnologiya history started in 1993 – with the development period by Jonathan Gray, an application that allows to enter data into a computer with an electronic pen. In 1995, the application was adapted to the needs of the animation. Later …

With what is related to such a rapid growth in popularity of flash games? Flash games are fascinating by its bright, interesting plot and a good sound system. Millions of fans of flash games are the main evidence that the direction of online gaming industry is the most promising prospects. In some companies, these games have become a real problem, because as employees instead of addicted addictive gameplay. Learn more at
To date, there are plenty of sites offering to play the most interesting flash games for free. In order for the user to quickly determine the choice, all the games are distributed by genre. Because of this, anyone can easily find a game to suit your preferences. One of the main advantages of online flash games is no need to download and install on your computer and follow the settings. Most importantly, the computer connected to the Internet. This means that you can enjoy your favorite game in any place and at any time.
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Today, flash games have a beautiful design and graphics, special effects and sound, as well as a variety of strategies aimed at many age groups. How it began the history of the emergence of browser flash games?

Back in 1993, Jim Gray, who at that time was one of the scientists working in the field of computer science, was written program. This program could be entered in the computer device with an electronic pen.

In the most in 1995, this program has already sold one small cartoon company called «Future animation». More animators have used this program.

After all the rights to the game were purchased by «Macromedia», the game began to carry the name “Flash”. The company «Macromedia» started working on improving the program, its technical support, improving the graphics, animations, and the advertising company of the game.
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Today all browser games that are based on Flash technology has become available and easy for all users. These games have the following advantages: fast to download and take up more memory, have an interesting strategy and are designed for all ages.

Popular browser flash games, is also due to the fact that their story varied, and choose your favorite game allows grouping them according to the following strategies:

1) Arcade Strategy. The plot of these games varied, often based on the films.

The main purpose of this strategy is to overcome all obstacles and achieve its objectives.

2) shooters and fighting games – a game which is based on the fight with rivals, which have to be overcome in the course of the game.
Basketball, volleyball, Outdoor games are very good sports, give the body a positive energy charge his emotions and excellent mood. The man is such that in a bad mood and things do not go smoothly, and after a dose of positive emotions to the body …

3) Sports strategy. Has a competitive type of strategy.

4) A logical strategy – prostroena on logical thinking and requires a lot of attention.

5) Quests – multi-stage game.

To go to the next level you must perform a certain task. A promising development in the browser games industry is massively custom view flash games.

Games allow many players to participate in it at the same time and still be able to write messages to each other. Ultra-fast flash technology development makes teen more beautiful and meaningful.